Gruppo Alcuni develops “Cartoons for Peace” UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network and RAI

Produced in cooperation with UNESCO, the animated miniseries will be offered at no cost, in exchange for donations to relief funds for children in war zones.

3 MAR 2022

"Cartoons for Peace"

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The year 2000 and its entire 1st decade was proclaimed the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World by the UN General Assembly. Inspired by this, Italy’s Gruppo Alcuni developed the “Cartoons for Peace” project in cooperation with UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) and RAI.

The “Cartoons for Peace” co-producers are currently making this impactful miniseries available at no cost for any television channel interested in airing it, with the plus that no dubbing is necessary. Anyone interested should contact Kristina B. Simon ( if interested.

Over 1,000 storyboards were created on the theme of peace by school children all over the globe, in countries such as Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, Uganda, and narrowed down into a 20x1’ 2D animated series.

“We believe this animated content is still extremely relevant because it reflects the hopes of thousands of children around the world, and that hasn’t changed with time,” comments producer Francesco Manfio. “In exchange, we’d ask the networks to give a free contribution for children in Ukraine or any war zone since children are the first victims of war.”