Limonero Films' doc "The Keepers of the Pigs" gets theatrical release

The documentary has been picked up by Showcase Cinemas, which will be releasing the film in the UK in October 2023.

29 SEP 2023

"The Keepers of the Pigs"

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Independent boutique distributor Limonero Films announces "The Keepers of the Pigs" documentary (1x70', 52' & 3x30'), produced by Moveover productions and directed by Sharon Walia, has been picked up by Showcase Cinemas, which will be releasing the film in the UK in October 2023.

"The Keepers of the Pigs" follows the story of Sharon and Sharon; two women on a mission to rescue hundreds of mistreated guinea pigs. From the UK, EU to Peru follow their humorous and heart-warming adventure as they also set out to discover the forgotten history of these curious creatures in one of the first major documentary about guinea pigs.

Director Sharon Walia started the film just before lockdown, the idea was born when she filmed a news report at a local guinea pig rescue in the Midlands; the video went viral. Fast forward a year, Sharon was a single parent whose film had come to a standstill, mainly due to the Covid travel ban.

“I didn’t want to make this film without going to Peru”, said Sharon. “The scenes filmed in South America really lift the documentary as the viewer gets exclusive access into the annual guinea pig festival, which takes over the whole of Peru. As an animal lover and vegan, filming people eating guinea pigs was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but on the flip-side, never have I been to a country that celebrates an animal like Peru does the guinea pig”.

By day Sharon works for Parliament, in the evenings she spent hours editing the film into a commercial hour documentary and 3 part mini series. Limonero Films is representing the documentary internationally, after following the project from inception.

The film has a strong human interest element as it primarily follows Sharon 'Shaz' Kelly; a guinea pig rescue founder and Sharon Walia; journalist and guinea pig enthusiast. A key narrative arc is formed when Shaz has to battle to keep her guinea pig rescue from closing down after being inundated with hundreds of mistreated pets.