Limonero Films adds "Wild Coast Warriors" to its documentary portfolio

The environmental documentary produced by Contemporary Film Productions will be launched at MIPDOC this year.

4 APR 2024

"Wild Coast Warriors"

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Limonero Films has picked up world rights to distribute "Wild Coast Warriors", an environmental documentary produced by Contemporary Film Productions, launching at MIPDOC this year. Directed by Nick Chevallier ("Blood Lions") and Leigh Wood, who also co-edited the film, the project aims to raise awareness of the plight of small coastal communities standing up to the oil and gas industry. Guido Zanghi was senior editor and co-director.

Gary Janks, Producer of the film, said: "We are genuinely delighted and proud to be working with Limonero Films. Their films and the ethos of their work provide an experienced and perfect fit, enabling a creative springboard to launch our bid to champion the voices of the amaMpondo indigenous community, hold the fossil fuel industry to account and fight for a habitable planet for our children’s future. Limonero is indeed a productive and progressive platform for 'Wild Coast Warriors' and our production team are truly grateful and excited about this partnership."

Pippa Ehrlich, Oscar-winning Director of "My Octopus Teacher" said: “A critical story about the power of community advocacy, and a warning to big corporations that there is strength in the voices of vulnerable people who are connected to and dependent on their land. An empowering case-study showing how South Africa's constitution protects its people. It is exquisitely shot and paints a beautiful portrait of the people working to defend their communities and the land they love.”

For centuries, indigenous people have lived sustainably while resisting invaders on South Africa's Wild Coast. In this documentary about a David and Goliath court-case struggle against Shell, these communities succeeded in halting oil and gas exploration, winning ongoing protection for their ocean and their culture.