Lux Vide unveils details about the 13th season of "Don Matteo"

The launch of the TV series received a 29.9% share and 6.541 million viewers.


Lux Vide recently released the 13th season of "Don Matteo."

The TV series garnered record prme-time figures, receiving a 29.9% share and 6.541 million viewers.

The launch comes 22 years after the show's original debut. The title has released more than 250 episodes.

The new edition will feature a new protagonist, Don Massimo, played by Raoul Bova, the new priest of Spoleto.

"In this new series we will see him in difficulty, struggling with a fresh wound that forces him to reflect on his being the spiritual father of everyone and dealing with those emotions that he had always been able to keep at bay: pain, anger, the sense of helplessness," a summary about the show read. "But it is precisely in difficult moments that new aspects of his character emerge: fallibility, a paternal feeling, but also an unshakable hope in the future."