Lux Vide concludes shooting second season of "Blanca"

The crime TV series will air on RAI 1 in autumn 2023, and it was selected by over 40 territories worldwide.

4 JUL 2023


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Lux Vide finalized shooting of the second season of "Blanca" crime TV series that will be aired on RAI 1 in autumn 2023. This new series played by Maria Chiara Giannetta, promises even more thrills as Blanca faces a highly dangerous antagonist.

This crime TV series, produced by Lux Vide, has gained significant international attention, being selected by over 40 territories worldwide, including M6 in France, Mediaset España, Netflix Italy, MTVA in Hungary, NHK for AXN Mystery in Japan and SBS in Australia. 

The first season of "Blanca," played by Maria Chiara Giannetta, has been a hit show in Italy for RAI since its premiere episode won the national primetime in November 2021 with a 25.97 share (nearly 6.4 million viewers).

In this new season, "Blanca" will delve into the deepest secrets of Blanca's family, which may prove to be even more shocking than the secrets surrounding her sister's death.  Alongside the captivating crime cases, a new relentless adversary will emerge—a serial bomber with the intention of planting multiple explosives in the city of Genoa, seeking to undermine the public's trust in the police.