MediaHub partners with Khabar in a three-year deal

MediaHub will distribute all Khabar titles in a three-year distribution deal. The recent boost in high-quality Kazakh productions and varied formats and stories have boosted the Khabar catalog.

Kerim Emrah Turna

Kerim Emrah Turna


A leading media company from Kazakhstan, Khabar, has found representation with MediaHub for their original shows. The recent boost in high-quality Kazakh productions, the introduction of new technologies, and varied formats and stories have put Khabar productions on the radar for further global distribution drawing attention from the worldwide distributor MediaHub, leading to a three-year distribution deal for all Khabar titles.

As one of Kazakhstan's most prominent media outlets, Khabar supports 4 TV channels that broadcast in three languages, radio channels, print, and digital media outlets. Khabar Agency also houses a production company behind many popular scripted and unscripted titles in global distribution for over ten years. Each year Khabar produces 200 hours of new scripted content of different genres, ranging from comedies to costume dramas such as "The Legends of the Steppe" or docuseries such as "The Dimash Show" telling the story of the most significant international Kazakh pop star Dimash.

"Kazakh broadcasting and cinema have reached a great level of quality. We also believe that Kazakh productions can reach great heights globally. We especially expect the level of quality in cinema to also translate to tv production, and we are pleased to be collaborating with one of the leading players in the Kazakh media scene," Kerim Emrah Turna, Managing Director of MediaHub. commented on the deal.

With the closing of the deal, MediaHub is preparing to introduce Khabar's high-value Kazakh content to its global network of broadcasters and support Khabar in its goal of bringing Kazakh productions to its deserved place in the industry. MediaHub is a production and distribution company that aims to bring quality content to global audiences.

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