25 JUN 2024

Kerim Emrah Turna: "We emphasize our portfolio's diversity, quality, and originality"

The Managing Director of MediaHub explains the company's business focus and illustrates the strategy for finding and developing IP investments for further distribution.

25 JUN 2024

Kerim Emrah Turna

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MediaHub has maintained a steady growth in the international arena, with recent deals in the CIS and MENA regions, Europe, and Asia. Señal News spoke with Kerim Emrah Turna, Managing Director of MediaHub, to describe the company's next steps to keep the momentum and expand its global footprint.

What is MediaHub's positioning in the global production and distribution industry?
"MediaHub positions itself by highlighting the unique selling points of its content. We emphasize our portfolio's diversity, quality, and originality, setting it apart from the competition. Defining our target demographic is fundamental. We tailor our marketing and distribution strategies to cater specifically to the identified audiences of our clients".

What is the company's strategy for finding and developing IP investments for further distribution?
"Collaborating with other industry players, both domestic and international, provides us access to a wider range of intellectual properties. We are building alliances with industry leaders dedicated to developing intellectual properties and ensuring a continuous stream of original content. These partners include writers, producers, and creative directors who generate and adapt new ideas. We will announce our alliance with a well-known business partner with a great track record by Q3 this year. That will help us to develop a premium IP stream in multiple international markets. We always seek new partnerships with global players to create a space for cultural, know-how, and skills exchange."

What was the value of sealing a partnership with Geophil to co-produce Turkish dramas?
"Today, we're gathering the fruits of this partnership through the completion and good reception of our first original "Alaca" and our joint company Globalsphere. Geophil has proven to be a partner with strong business development skills that accelerate the learning curve for collaboration. Their ability to identify opportunities, forge strategic alliances, and drive growth significantly impacts the success and efficiency of joint initiatives. We are looking forward to executing more projects under the Globalsphere brand."

How would you describe the global feedback for Mediahub's first original "Alaca"?
"With its compelling storyline, great production values, and stellar cast performances, the series seamlessly weaves together suspense, romance, and cultural richness, the show keeps viewers eagerly anticipating each episode. As a result of all those elements, we received great feedback from the buyers and have already closed more than ten presales deals. 'Alaca' is reaching screens in multiple territories".

How do you analyze the global appetite for Turkish content?
"Turkish productions have been recognized for their high production values, including cinematography, storytelling, and acting. This quality has helped them compete with content from other countries. Many Turkish dramas incorporate universal themes that transcend cultural boundaries. This cross-cultural appeal has helped Turkish content find acceptance among diverse audiences. This trend will increase in the upcoming years."

Mediahub also offers content from Malaysia, India, the Philippines, and South Korea. What is the value of providing a global drama slate?
"Asian content holds significant importance in the global entertainment industry as it reflects the rich tapestry of diverse cultures, traditions, and histories across the continent. This diversity contributes to a more inclusive representation in global media, offering audiences a wide array of stories and perspectives. We are a global player in the entertainment industry, and our content from Asia, MENA, CIS, and Latin America has a key role in our success."

By Diego Alfagemez