Mipcom 2021: ORF-Enterprise brought the best of Austria to the world

Criminalistic instinct from Austria is just as much in demand as the multiple award-winning ORF Universum productions.

21 OCT 2021

ORF Enterprise team at Mipcom

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After last season’s digital events, MIPCOM was held as a physical meeting for the first time again. This provided an opportunity to foster existing contacts and to also expand ORF Enterprise's first-class global network of partners with high quality original productions made in Austria.

"Talking brings people together. This was especially the case at this year's MIPCOM as it was finally held as a face-to-face event again. An entire industry has been waiting for this moment with excitement. Our team was more than happy to meet colleagues from all over the world in person again. Buyers can rely on ORF’s output of blue-chip documentaries, and it is great to see that the demand for original drama from Austria continues to grow," commented Head of Content Sales International, Armin Luttenberger.  

"The pandemic has also had an impact on the production market. Interest in high-quality titles from reliable content suppliers such as ORF-Enterprise has increased and is thus further opening up the global market for original productions from Austria. We are also very pleased to see that drama series are meeting the tastes of viewers far beyond Austria’s borders," comments ORF-Enterprise CEO Oliver Böhm.

ORF Universum productions travel worldwide

Once again, the award-winning nature and wildlife productions of ORF Universum prove again to be top sellers. RAI (Italy) secures the documentary "Leopard Legacy", which recently was awarded at the New York Festivals, and "Water of Life - Wilderness, Whisky, Highlands". Polyband (Germany) will release "Leopard Legacy" and "Russia’s Revenant – The Return of the Siberian Tiger" on DVD, and the Belgian public channel RTBF will soon broadcast both productions mentioned. Furthermore, ORF content also makes the leap to North Africa: Canal+ secures a 13-hour documentary-package for broadcasting in Ethiopia, including the three-parter "Wild Caribbean - Rhythms of Life" and the two-parter "The Canary Islands". In addition, "Austria's Wild Heritage - One Country Six National Parks" will soon be shown on WDR in Germany and ARTE in France. "Maria Theresa's Vampire Hunter" will also be licensed to ARTE.

Younger viewers can look forward to enjoying the animated series from Vienna "Rookie Robot Explores the World" on the Canadian Knowledge Network. Finally, a major film and series package was acquired across the Atlantic by Ocean New Media and will thus be evaluated in the United States and Latin America.

Besides, TV2 (Denmark) has picked up a "Tatort" package that includes the episodes "Conspiracy", "Workout," "Sick", "The Midwife", and "Homeless". In France, Canal+ secures two more seasons of "Soko Kitzbuehel", including the final season of the series that has been successful beyond the country's borders. Furthermore, the 20th and final season will also be published on DVD by Polar Film (Germany).

Buyers can rely on ORF’s output of blue-chip documentaries, and it is great to see that the demand for original drama from Austria continues to grow” Armin Luttenberger Head of Content Sales International