Music-packed telenovela "Milo" conquers Belgium audiences

Launched last week on VTM and distributed by Be-Entertainment, it garnered an impressive market share of 41.2%.

18 JAN 2024


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The new music-packed telenovela "Milo", created and produced by Heartmade Media and distributed by Be-Entertainment, has conquered Belgium audiences. Launched last week on VTM, the first extra long episode of the series aired in a primetime slot on Friday, where it garnered an impressive market share of 41.2% (18-44, Live +7).

As of last week, "Milo" continued in its regular 18:00 slot in half hour episodes where it managed to reach even higher market shares, with an average market share of 50% (18-44, Consolidated) in its first week. VTM commissioned over 300 episodes, containing more than 40 original songs that were composed especially for the series.

"Milo" is a young skewing, modern day fairytale about a talented girl with a golden voice, who is forced to hide her music talent from the outside world; shattering her dreams of living a life full of singing and music. It’s a romantic, dreamy and optimistic story with a dose of humor.

Says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof: ‘’We were already excited to bring this new telenovela to the market and with these ratings, 'Milo' literally and figuratively speaking sounds like music to our ears!’’