The new titles include new acquisitions from Love Productions, Chalkboard TV, Crackit Productions & Woodcut Media.

5 OCT 2020

"Cold Call"

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NENT Studios UK has revealed its autumn programming slate and announced several new partnerships with leading UK independent production companies. “Despite the widespread production hiatus this year, we are delighted to have a full slate of new titles to launch this autumn and are particularly pleased to be able to showcase the work of such talented British producers – many of whom are new partners for NENT Studios UK," Elin Thomas, NENT Studios UK’s EVP sales, commented. "From gripping dramas and a young adult fantasy-adventure to observation documentaries, true crime, and a topical health series, our wide-ranging content is destined to find ready homes with international buyers looking for engaging new programming for their audiences,” added the executive.

The scripted offer includes hit British drama series "Cold Call" (4x60) from producer Chalkboard TV. The deal was enabled after Chalkboard TV took back the rights to its show when the Kew Media Distribution catalogue was sold to Quiver Entertainment earlier this year.

Also "The Dead Lands" (8x60), an action-packed fantasy-adventure series set in a mythical Aotearoa (New Zealand). Produced by GFC Films for TVNZ and AMC’s Shudder, it follows the story of a dishonoured warrior who dies but is sent back to the world by his ancestors in the afterlife to find redemption and honour.

NENT Studios UK will also be making its first original drama commission, "Close to Me" (6x60), available for pre-sale this autumn. Just into production, "Close to Me" is a contemporary, noirish, psychological thriller starring Connie Nielsen (‘Gladiator’, ‘Wonder Woman’) and Christopher Eccleston (‘The A Word’, ‘Doctor Who’).

On the unscripted side, a new partnership with Love Productions sees NENT Studios UK launch the long-awaited second series of "Live Well for Longer" (4x60).

On the other hand, NENT Studios UK’s recently announced partnership with Crackit Productions sees "A&E: After Dark" (6x60), "Shoplifters: At War With The Law" (6x60) and two 6 x 60 series of "Britain’s Deadliest Kids" on the factual slate, alongside some brand new titles from the producer such as "Plastic Surgery Knifemares" (6x60); "What Happened to Your Face?" (2x60). Finally from Crackit there are three brilliant new 1 x 60 countdown shows: "101 Puppies"; "101 Near Misses", "101 Body Shocks".

Woodcut Media’s "Murder at My Door with Kym Marsh" (8x60) is a new addition to NENT Studios UK’s true crime catalogue and Ahostless version, "Murder at My Door", is also available. Also in true crime is "Love and Betrayal" (1x60) from Green Couch Entertainment.

"Remarkable Places to Eat" (5x60), Outright Productions’ gorgeous mix of food and travel, returns for a second series, while "The Rebel Chef: My Restaurant Revolution" (1x60) sees Gary Usher challenged to take fine dining into a deprived part of Liverpool. "Shakespeare: The Man Behind the Name" (1x60/90) is an intriguing new documentary, produced by Controversy Films and "The Art of Architecture’ returns with two new 1 x 60 specials from Colonial Pictures.