Woodcut produces and sells the new doc "Titanic in Colour"

Currently in production, the title that brings to life everything from the lavish interiors of the ship, was presold to C4 (UK) and SBS (Australia).

19 JAN 2024

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Indie Woodcut Media is currently in production on "Titanic in Colour" (2x45’), a brand new documentary series that has presold to C4 (UK) and SBS (Australia).

When the Titanic sank on the 15th April 1912, the news shook the world. The word ‘Titanic’ instantly became synonymous with disaster, not glamour, and the liner remained forever stuck mid-Atlantic in the black and white world of 1912. Now, thanks to painstaking research and unique colourisation techniques, this incredible documentary brings to life everything from the lavish interiors of the ship, artefacts and clothing from passengers (that gives insight into their lives), through to the larger-than-life people who built, sailed on and ultimately survived the sinking.

Featuring captivating interviews and some exclusives with relatives of the passengers and the crew, "Titanic in Colour" uncovers little-known stories, like the impact on Southampton ‘the city of widows’ and the long-lasting psychological trauma of many of those who lived to tell the gruesome tale.

Series Producer is Jonathan Mayo, whilst Kate Beal and Tom Adams serve as Executive Producers. Woodcut International is handling worldwide sales.

Jonathan Mayo, Series Producer, Woodcut Media: “Working on this documentary has been an incredible experience. The cutting-edge colourisation techniques employed will take your breath away. It was also a humbling experience to speak to some of the children of those who survived the Titanic disaster, and feature in the 1912 footage.”