Newen Connect closed new global sales for its police procedurals

The European distributor announced over 100 sales for its slate of police procedurals from Latin America to Lithuania.

3 MAY 2024

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The European distributor Newen Connect announced international sales for its slate of police procedurals. Offering an innovative and sometimes quirky approach to the genre, TF1’s “Law & Disorder”, “Master Crimes”, “Mademoiselle Holmes”, and “Panda” have collectively delivered over 100 sales across broadcasters from Latin America to Lithuania.

“Law & Disorder”, which was recently launched on TF1, has already sold to 41 territories including Latin America, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, and Lithuania, while “Master Crimes” has been sold to 57 territories, including USA, Japan, Italy, Canada and Latin America. “Mademoiselle Holmes” in the meantime, is reaching new ratings heights through the catch up on TF1+ in France and has so far sold to 17 territories including Italy, Japan and Spain, while TF1’s major hit, “Panda”, is taking off around the world with deals in South Korea, pan Balkans, Italy and Portugal, and several more territories already in negotiation.

Nadia Chevallard, SVP Distribution, Newen Connect said: “Police procedurals are amongst the most successful genres on Europe's leading linear channels and are constantly in demand. They offer thrills, challenges and a story of the week, which is hugely appealing to audiences. TF1’s ‘Law & Disorder’, ‘Master Crimes’, ‘Mademoiselle Holmes’, and ‘Panda’ all offer a new dimension to the genre, however, that elevates the storylines above the usual, and this is one of the reasons for such healthy sales across such wide-ranging broadcasters. They are exactly the sort of shows that Newen Connect is proud to have in its catalog and reflect our ambition in bringing something innovative to audiences.”

“Law & Disorder” is a fast-paced and high octane, action-packed comedy made by Itinérare Productions, the producers of the smash hit series HIP, for TF1. Written by Jérémie Marcus, it stars Arnaud Ducret as Thomas Chevalier, a cop with an exemplary career record, who accidentally injures a star football player who he’s trying to protect. To pay for his mistake, Chevalier is transferred to Marseille (the very worst place for a Parisian cop) and put in charge of a police unit full of misfits. Chevalier is determined that while they may not wear the same colors, they are all cops, and they are going to play on the same team to win back their reputations.

“Master Crimes” is a light 6 x 52’ comedy procedural produced by UCG for TF1. Set in Paris the series follows two very different women as they come together to solve a series of original and exciting crimes. Louise Arbus (Muriel Robin) is an eccentric, exasperating, brilliant, and immaculately groomed psycho-criminology professor at the Sorbonne who enlists the help of her students when one of the lines from her book is found on a victim. Barbara Delandre (actor name) by contrast, is a practical and hyperactive police captain who doesn’t like to bend the rules. Written by Elsa Marpeau, the drama has become a huge success in France where the series has been critically acclaimed and dominated viewing figures, delivering 5.5 million viewers and the best average catch up figures for a French drama in 2023 (excluding HIP). A second series begins shooting soon.

“Mademoiselle Holmes”, produced by Newen France for TF1, provides a fun take on the Sherlock Holmes legend. The 6 x 52 series centers around Charlie Holmes - a shy, reserved and socially awkward cop who struggles to fit in at the police station where she works. However, a car accident suddenly turns Charlie’s world upside down transforming her from an introvert to an extrovert with drive, energy and insight that make her a brilliant detective, just like her more famous relation.

“Panda”, a 6 x 52 fun procedural, commissioned by TF1, has a stellar cast including Julien Dore, Ophelia Kolb and Helen Vincent, and tells the story of Panda (Dore) a chilled-out pacifist, matcha addict and confirmed vegan, who runs a small beach bar in a remote corner of the Camargue. His perfect cocoon of peace and serenity comes tumbling around his ears when he is forced to return to service as a high-flying police officer on the hunt for a series of villains, although this time, the policing is on his terms. Written by Mathiew Leblanc and Tomas Mansuy and directed by Jeremy Manguy and Nicholas Cuche the series won the Prix de la Création at Les Lauriers de l’Audiovisuel and ranks as the second most popular French series of 2023 with an average 5.7 million viewers. A second season has already been commissioned.