PowerKids Kartoon Channel and PowerTeens Channel to launch on JioTV and JioTV+ in India

The new FAST channel offer will be the first of its kind in the country and cater to teenagers' unique interests and preferences.

23 AUG 2023

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Powerkids Entertainment announced a strategic collaboration with JioTV and JioTV+ to launch FAST (Free ad-supported TV) channels in India. That partnership aims to provide Indian kids and teens audiences with a diverse range of high-quality content through an innovative and immersive viewing experience. JioTV is a LIVE TV streaming platform owned by Jio Platforms Limited, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, with 1000+ channels in 15+ languages and 12 genres. Moreover, JioTV+ is the connected device for TV screens that run on JioFiber and wifi offering, offering OTT packages alongside the linear channels.

Powerkids Entertainment on JioTV and JioTV+ will not only bring exciting entertainment options to Indian households but will also create opportunities for local talent, producers, and content creators. The FAST channel will serve as a launchpad for emerging talent and a platform for diverse voices, promoting the growth and development of India's entertainment industry. "We are delighted to introduce this game-changing FAST channel JioTV and JioTV+ for the Indian audiences. Our launch on the JioTV mobile app and the JioTV+ connected TV platform will unlock new avenues of entertainment, offering viewers a seamless and personalized experience and showcasing the best of Indian and International content for kids and teens," said Manoj Mishra, CEO of Powerkids Entertainment.

The Kids FAST Powerkids Kartoon Channel will feature globally popular handpicked and selected content from Powerkids library, such as "Akira and Mowgli," "The Jungle Book," "Peter Pan," Robinhood," "Lassie," "The Psammy Show," "Dragonero," "Jane and Jerry," along with exclusive original and first-run content from Kartoon Studios including "Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten," "Shaq's Garage," "Rainbow Rangers," and "Roblox Rumble," together with famous brands such as "Angry Birds" and "Sunny Bunnies," comprising a carefully curated selection of educational and entertaining content for children of all ages. From animated series to live-action shows, the channel will provide a safe and engaging viewing experience that sparks curiosity, fosters learning, and ignites imagination.

Powerkids Entertainment will ensure that the channel on JioTV and JioTV+ is a go-to destination for high-quality kids' content that promotes positive values and encourages creativity. The FAST channel will be the first of its kind in the country and cater to teenagers' unique interests and preferences. From gripping dramas to exciting reality shows, the channel will offer relatable and aspirational content that resonates with this dynamic and discerning audience. Powerkids Entertainment will curate a diverse range of programming that reflects the evolving tastes and lifestyles of Indian teens, empowering them to explore, learn, and express themselves.