26 MAY 2020


The new titles are from France and the UK and ranging from history series to science documentaries.


"Extreme Constructions"


International distribution and media agency Quintus Studios has added a raft of factual acquisitions from France and the UK to its catalog, that ranging from history series to science documentaries.

Collaborating with French independent documentary distributor Java Films, Quintus Studios has acquired the one-hour documentary "Dinosaurs: On The Trail Of Prehistory", the travel and discovery series "Deadliest Journeys – Dicing with Death" and two episodes of the engineering series "Extreme Constructions" ("The Meraviglia Cruise Ship and Thunder Boat").

From Paris based international distribution company Only Distrib, is the popular science and lifestyle show "Did You Know?".  Each episode explains simply and clearly things in your daily environment from health and well-being, the human body, food, the earth, to animals and technology.

Adding to Quintus Studio’s portfolio is the series "Special Forces", a heart-stopping incursion into the world of Asia’s elite, and the science series’ "SuperTornado", "Snow Wars" and "Moon Shots" from UK factual distributor TVF International.

From London based distribution outfit Drive, there’s "World’s Worst Flights" (6x60’) and "Super Scary Plane Landings" (1x60’).  Produced by Arrow Media for Channel 5, "World’s Worst Flights" reveals what it’s like to endure the scariest things that happen in the skies while expert analysis steps the viewer through each stage of the event.  Each episode is themed and packed with revealing insight into the modern world of commercial flying and what happens when things go wrong.  Using jaw-dropping footage recorded by those on board, the series straps you in for a rollercoaster ride on the "World’s Worst Flights".

"Super Scary Plane Landings" produced by Peacock UK for Channel 5 is an hour special which reveals eyewitness footage of some of the most frightening airplane landings ever captured on camera.