27 MAR 2020


The 26-episode series, created by Luca Enoh and Stefano Vietti, is inspired by the comic "Dragonero," which was released in 2007 and became a regular monthly series in 2013.


As the market experiences a spike in demand for kids’ content caused by the coronavirus outbreak, Rai Ragazzi and Sergio Bonelli Editore announced the production of Bonelli’s first cartoon production, based on the comic “Dragonero.” The show was created by Luca Enoh and Stefano Vietti and consists of 26 episodes, 26 minutes each.

The comic "Dragonero" was born in 2007 as the first of the publisher's Comic Novels and became a regular monthly series in 2013. “Dragonero,” the cartoon, is set in Erondár and was created graphically by some of the most appreciated Italian pencils. The series is aimed at an audience between the ages of 7 and 12.

The show takes place in a fantasy world dominated by magic, where humans live together with Elves, Dwarves and Ogres. Made with 3D CGI Cel-Shaded animation and 2D, it tells the adventures of two teenage brothers, Ian and Myrva, as well as Gmor, their best friend ogre. The trio was called by dragon Crackly to fight the Arcana queen, an evil sorceress who wants to precipitate Erondár in a dark age. The pantheon of Bonelli heroes includes characters and stories set in diverse worlds of fantasy. From the western prairies with Tex, a stainless ranger born seventy years ago from the pen of Gianluigi Bonelli to the mysterious Darkwood inhabited by Zagor, the Spirit with the Ax, to the most contemporary, realistic or fantastic settings with Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère, Nathan Never, Mister No, and Julia.