In its catalog stand out "‘ Malaka "," Promises of sand "and" Central Market ", the latest productions of the corporation that in Mipcom will be represented by its commercial director Rodolfo Domínguez and its director of the International Commercial Area María Jesús Pérez.

11 OCT 2019

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Notable among the fiction content is “Malaka”, a police thriller that's been very well received by audiences in Spain. It revolves around the disappearance of the daughter of an important businessman from Malaga and the appearance of a new drug, “Gold”, that threatens to upset the balance between two rival drug gangs. It is the story of three very different protagonists who want to settle debts with the past and rebuild their lives, with the city of Malaga also playing a key role.

“Promises of sand” is a story of love and friendship pushed to the limit. It portrays the harsh reality of suffering, good intentions and arms trafficking that faces Lucia, an NGO worker who arrives full of dreams at a refugee camp in a Libyan city. A story in which nothing is as it seems. It was shot in a fascinating setting, the port city of Sfax and the oasis of Tozeur in Tunisia.

“Central Market” will also be premiered there. A daily series that portrays the workplace, personal and amorous relationships of people who work and live in and around a big city market. Located in the heart of one of the most popular neighborhoods, it is targeted by a large investor fund that wants to turn it into a residential building, an event that will alter the lives of everyone who works there.

Also premiering will be the second season of the series “The other view”, which continues with the story of brave teachers who revolutionize education in a school for young ladies in a Spanish city in the 1920s; as will the third season of the already iconic and successful “I’m Alive”, which perfectly combines reality and science fiction. In this season, a shocking accident will forever change the lives of the characters.

 “The Hunt. Monteperdido” is a disturbing psychological thriller in which five years after the disappearance without a trace of two 11-year-old girls in a village in the Pyrenees, only one of them comes back, giving rise to all kinds of suspicions. Breakout series of the second quarter of this year, prime time ratings leader and recognized with an award at the Vitoria FesTVal. It was also nominated for the prestigious Prix Europe for best fiction and 4 IRIS awards. It was shot in the Pyrenees and features spectacular scenery. A second season is on tap, “The Hunt. Tramuntana”, which will be set on the no less spectacular island of Mallorca.

RTVE will continue to offer some of the fiction series released in 2018, such as “Betrayal”, “El Continental”, “Detectives”, as well as its extensive catalogue of daily series: “Acacias 38”, “Six Sisters”, “To Serve and Protect” and other high-quality productions such as “Víctor Ros”, “Crime Times”, and the TV moviesLope in love” and “Murder at the university”.

In the documentary genre, also has an extensive range of titles that span a wide variety of historical, cultural and natural topics. Its latest productions include: “Joan Tarragó. The librarian of Mauthausen”, “Equipo D. the forgotten codes”, “The Spanish Skies”, “La Zarzuela, big, small, tiny”, “Manolo Sanlúcar, the legacy”, “Carlos V, the ways of the Emperador”, “Spherical”, “Baleares, the untamed archipelago” and “A night at El Prado Museum”.

RTVE will also present its broad portfolio of international channels, which continue to gain subscribers worldwide: TVE Internacional, a general channel that provides information and entertainment for the whole family; 24 Horas, news channel where viewers can follow all the news from Spain and the world; STAR HD offers the best fiction from RTVE. Initially designed for Latin America, it is expanding into Europe, where it can already be seen in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg; Clan Intended for children, especially preschoolers, both the 2 to 4 and 4 to 7 age groups, it can be already seen in 15 countries in Latin America; and Playz offers free interactive digital content. It was specifically designed for young people of the Z generation.