Sentient Entertainment picks up US remake rights of Alejandro Amenabar's “Thesis”

The company acquired control of the rights to the horror-thriller from FilmSharks owned The Remake Co. and Video Mercury in a highly competitive bidding war.




Sentient Entertainment has snapped up the English language remake rights to gripping horror-thriller, "Thesis" from award-wining filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar’.  The company also recently set up the remake of Amenábar’s "The Others", starring Nicole Kidman, which took north of $200M at the global box office when it was released by Miramax in 2001. Following Sentient’s acquisition of the remake rights, Universal Pictures boarded the project and is currently developing the film with the Sentient team.

Sentient acquired control of the rights to "Thesis" from FilmSharks owned The Remake Co. and Video Mercury negotiating the deal with FilmSharks CEO Guido Rud and Enrique Cerezo’s Video Mercury. Cerezo, who is the president of European football club Atlético Madrid, originally acquired the film rights when he purchased Sogecine, the Spanish production company formerly owned by Canal Plus.

Sentient’s Renee Tab and Christopher Tuffin will produce "Thesis" alongside Aliwen Entertainment’s Lucas Akoskin and Guido Rud and Enrique Cerezos hall executive produce. In this taut and stylish horror thriller, student Ángela, while doing a thesis about violence, finds a snuff video where a girl is tortured until death. Soon she discovers that the girl was a former student in her faculty.

“Amenabar was ahead of his time in making 'Thesis',” said Renee Tab.“Our culture has become more fascinated and obsessed with sex and violence than ever. The desensitization of violence in the media has reached an all-time high and to devastating effect. Through a university campus experience, we want to tell the next generation's story as authentic as possible, touching on what students today are feeling and suffering in accordance with mental health and the pressures ahead of them. All of this is hidden in a great investigative thriller.”


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