It is a five-chapter miniseries and was produced by Pausoka. In addition, the distributor's portfolio includes “Get on my motorcycle” and “Ginayei”, “Maleducadas” as well as the Turkish dramas “Ladys farm” and “Matter of respect”.


Somos Distribution will present at Natpe the drama miniseries La Fuga produced by the Spanish producer Pausoka. The 5-chapter miniseries is based on an interesting true story of a prisonbreak. This series comes in line with the structure and genres that the television market is currently demanding.

Located in 1976, the story is based on the actual escape of 5 prisoners from the Bausari prison. Three of prisoners are politicians (two of them related to ETA) and two are common prisoners. The inmates make everyone believe - prison officials, civil guards, and even the press - that they have managed to jump the prison wall and escape. What they are truly doing is hiding in the prison’s roof, while digging an underground tunnel to escape. During the two months that the excavation lasts, the prisoners sleep during the day and work at night to build an 8-meter tunnel that crosses the courtyard and allows them to truly escape.

Francisco Villanueva, Vice President and COO of Somos Distribution stated: “La Fuga is one of the most interesting contents in our offer for the NATPE market. The series’ structure is very flexible so it can be programmed on any platform, plus its plot is very engaging because of the suspense it generates. Pausoka is the producer of the famous soap opera Goenkale and its experience guarantees a top-of-the-line product.”

Together with this promising series, Somos Distribution will also offer in Natpe "Súbete a mi moto", "Ginayei", "Maleducadas", "Juegos interrumpidos", "El mural", "Stash", "Puerto Vallarta", "Cazadores de milagros", and Turkish dramas such as "Ladys Farm" and "Matter Of Respect". The Company will also offer the films "Angels Inc." (Mexico), "Muerte En Berruecos" (Venezuela), among others.

Somos Distribution will be located at NATPE in Tresor Tower, Floor 17, Suites 15 and 17.