Talpa celebrates the success of "The Floors" in the Netherlands

During its airing on RTL4, the title received a market share of 19,8% in the key 20-49 demo.


Talpa celebrated record numbers during the airing of its new quiz show, "The Floor." The show received a market share of 19,8% in the key 20-49 demo while airing on RTL4.

The Talpa Concept, distributed solely by Talpa Distribution, came in second place amid its 8 p.m competition time slot. The show has also made its debut in various other territories worldwide. Last year, Youngest Media confimred a partnership to introduce the format in U.K., while Eureka Productions agreed to help air the format in the U.S.. Other launches are expected to be announced soon.

On "The Floor," 100 quiz compete in quiz duels on a giant LED floor divided into one hundred equal squares, each representing its own field of knowledge. Each participant plays against each other in the category of the opponent's square.

During the eight episodes, the categories range from 'famous athletes' to 'Hollywood actors' and from ‘iconic buildings’ to 'mammals'. All questions are visually supported by photographs. The winner of a duel conquers his opponent's square, gaining more ground - the loser leaves the game. The further the game progresses, the more exciting the duels become and the higher the stakes.