Talpa Studios expands its business footprint in Germany and Belgium

On one hand, the entertainment show "The Quiz with Balls" has been commissioned by RTL Germany. Meanwhile, the Belgian expansion of "The Floor" show has been announced.

17 JUN 2024

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Talpa Studios, the global content house for non-scripted formats, has announced a series of updates for its programs that are in development. Among them, the entertainment show "The Quiz with Balls" has been commissioned by RTL Germany, and the Belgian expansion of "The Floor" show stands out.

The quiz show "The Floor" entered its 15th market with the acquisition by Belgium’s leading broadcaster, VTM. The show will be produced by Dok1. Recordings will take place at Talpa Studios’ cutting-edge production hub in The Netherlands, ensuring the show’s high production value. The Belgian version of The Floor is eagerly anticipated to premiere on both VTM and its popular streaming platform, VTM GO! It has rapidly become a major international success and a beloved favorite among viewers in numerous countries. Since its initial launch in the Netherlands in 2023, the show has captivated audiences worldwide, including leading markets such as the USA, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy, as well as emerging markets like Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, and Argentina.

VTM’s channel director, Davy Parmentier, said: "In the more than 10 countries where The Floor has already been broadcast, the program was met with great enthusiasm by viewers and proved its success. We are very pleased that we, as the 15th country, can also start working with this TV hit.”

Sebastian van Barneveld, Director of Global Distribution at Talpa Studios, expressed happiness about the growth of the show:Everyone at Talpa Studios is really excited about 'The Floor' expanding to a 15th territory in such a short time. It's a significant milestone. We're confident that the high production value of the Talpa Studios hub, coupled with its attractive pricing, will drive further growth of the show. It's been successful in both daily and weekly schedules in every country where it's launched", noted.

Meanwhile, "The Quiz with Balls" is set to entertain the German viewers. RTL Germany has ordered the fun game show that was produced by Cheerio Entertainment at the local production hub in the Netherlands. For the German version, titled "Splash", contestants must work together as a team and answer questions, but each wrong answer gets you knocked into a swimming pool by a massive ball. Teams accumulate prize money as long as they manage to avoid getting soaked. In the end, one player will battle it out in the final round for a substantial cash reward. Two celebrity specials have been recorded to get the show off to an exciting start this summer. Splash is set to air on RTL on July 17.

Barneveld commented that the format was an unexpected hit: “This format was a breakout surprise hit for SBS6 in the Netherlands in 2023. We're thrilled that it's being picked up in countries like the USA, Spain, and now Germany. The German celebrity edition promises to add even more excitement and possibilities to the format", stated.

Last summer, Talpa Studios’ "The Quiz with Balls" turned the tables on prime time. The ratings skyrocketed, and SBS6 ordered a four-episode winter special and a second season. The format soon made its way across the pond with a local adaptation in the USA on FOX, where it’s gaining fans each week. The Spanish adaptation "Juego de Pelotas" for Antena 3 has just been recorded in Talpa Studios’ local production hub in the Netherlands.