Talpa’s "Hunting Season" game show to be aired in Belgium

VTM has acquired the rights to the show that will be produced by Dok1. The first season is set to air on Thursday the 1st of September 2022.

31 AUG 2022

"Hunting Season"

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VTM has acquired the rights to Talpa's hit game show "Hunting Season" for Belgium after the program's success in the Netherlands, Poland, and Lithuania. The first season will air on Thursday, the 1st of September 2022.

In the Netherlands, a second "Hunting Season" season aired this summer on SBS6, with an average market share of over 30% in the key demo 20-49, which is three times the slot average. Amazon Prime had a next-day second window, and here the break-out show made it to the Top 10 Most Watched Videos. "Hunting Season" is a format of StukTV and Talpa Concepts, distributed by Talpa Distribution.

In each episode, a duo of celebrities must flee from a team of three prison guards. These guards have one goal: to catch the fugitives within four hours. The fugitives get a 20-minute head start and must wear a transmitter that sends a GPS coordinate to the hunters every 10 minutes. They have been given the opportunity to arrange an escape vehicle from prison and one means of transportation for the road. That's it. While the hunting team is provided with various tools to track the fugitives from their spy van, the fugitives have nothing: no phone and no cash.