Talpa' "The Floor" increases its ratings during its second episode

The episode garnered a market share of 24,2% in the key 20-49 demographic.


The airing of the Talpa's new quiz show, "The Floor's" second episode garnered a 22% increase in ratings on RTL4 in the Netherlands following a successful launch last week.

The second episode of "The Floor " reached a market share of 24,2% in the key 20-49 demo. The title is a Talpa Concepts format distributed by Talpa Distribution. 

On The Floor, 100 quiz fanatics face off in quiz duels on a giant LED floor divided into one hundred equal squares, each representing its own field of knowledge. The goal is to conquer the entire floor and take home a huge cash prize. The rules are simple: a random contestant challenges an adjoining opponent in a quiz duel.  They play against each other in the category of the opponent's square. Categories range from 'famous athletes' to 'Hollywood actors' and from 'iconic buildings' to 'mammals'. All questions are visually supported by photographs.

The winner of a duel takes over his opponent's, while the loser leaves the game. The stakes rise as the game progresses. With the action playing out over a series of episodes, the narratives build up, and the viewers gain more and more affiliation with the players. One out of a hundred players will go home with a 100.000 euros cadsh prize. 

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