Talpa Studios to produce a brand-new talent show, "The Headliner"

It will include a selection of great artists. The winning talent will perform at an exclusive concert series alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Is set to premiere in primetime on RTL 4 in 2025.

6 JUN 2024

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The Netherlands-based company Talpa Studios announced the production of the brand-new talent show "The Headliner". There", two famous coaching duos – big performing artists themselves - face off in a nationwide search for the next festival superstar.  The winning talent will perform at an exclusive concert series alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The talents must give their all to prove that they have what it takes to electrify the crowd. It’s crucial to keep the audience and coaches captivated continuously because during their performance, the stage rises with sufficient votes and descends if votes fall short. Who will rock the house? Who will emerge as a new powerhouse in the music world? "The Headliner" will be produced by Talpa Studios and is set to premiere in primetime on RTL 4 in 2025. The show is a co-creation of artists Jacqueline Govaert, Kraantje Pappie, Nick Schilder, Typhoon, concert organizer Machiel Hofman, and Talpa Studios.

Sebastian van Barneveld, Director of International Distribution at Talpa Studios, is thrilled: “This groundbreaking format blends Talpa Studios' extensive talent show heritage with the remarkable expertise of four of our most iconic performing artists. We are confident that this extraordinary combination will not only uncover Holland's next great performer but also deliver a spectacular and thrilling journey for both the talents and viewers. 'The Headliner' is where talent show competition meets concert arena energy!”, expressed.

The coaching duos consist of artists Nick Schilder & Typhoon, and Jacqueline Govaert & Kraantje Pappie. Along with other professionals from the music industry, they will help viewers choose the next live sensation in the Netherlands. Unlike other talent shows, "The Headliner" is not just about the best voice. It’s about the complete entertainment package: the ability to captivate the audience and bring the house down. The talents will join one of the two coaching teams and will compete for a coveted spot in the finals. They go through various phases where they must convince not only the coaches but also the audience, ticket buyers, bookers, and venue owners of their talent.

FInally, the winner of "The Headliner" gets the extraordinary opportunity to perform at the renowned concert series De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE, held annually in Rotterdam, with an audience of (in total) over 200.000 people. The event, also known as ‘the largest pub in the Netherlands’, brings together some of the most popular and influential artists in the Netherlands. The concerts are characterized by unique collaborations, surprise acts, and elaborate stage productions, making it a highly anticipated event in the Dutch music calendar. It features a mix of established stars and emerging talent, performing a variety of genres from pop to rock.