Wildlife nature highlight “Leopard Legacy” and the documentary “The Art of Soap-Making” both won the Trophée Argent at the 10th edition of the Deauville Green Awards 2021.


“Leopard Legacy”


ORF Universum’s productions “Leopard Legacy” and “The Art of Soap-Making”, and  distributed worldwide by ORF-Enterprise, were selected by the international jury at ​the Deauville Green Awards that took place as a hybrid event at the Côte Fleurie, from June 16 – 17, 2021.

In “Leopard Legacy” – a co-production by Into Nature Productions and Kurt Mayer Film, ORF, ARTE and WDR, in association with ORF-Enterprise – award-winning filmmakers Will and Lianne Steenkamp followed the journey of the powerful leopardess Olimba for more than three years and thus captured her life in her prime. Olimba is not only a formidable hunter and a courageous ruler, but also a devoted mother. As she faces the challenging task of motherhood, she is also confronted with the constant battle to hunt successfully, defend her prime territory, and protect her two cubs from their enemies. The documentary was awarded in the category “Preservation of the biodiversity”.

The co-production by ORF III and Alexander Schukoff Film “The Art of Soap-Making” takes us into the world of soap - starting from its invention in the distant past, up until becoming a potential lifesaver during the recent coronavirus crisis. Soap has gradually turned into the most widely used everyday consumer good and is thus indispensable. It has become so natural that you hardly think about where it comes from, who invented it or how it is made. The production won in the category “Sustainable producing and circular economy”.

Deauville Green Awards offers a unique opportunity for companies, institutions, NGOs and communities to promote actions and good practices to meet the challenges of climate change. For the last 7 years, the festival's mission has been to enhance information films, spots and documentaries on sustainability, eco-innovations and social responsibility, and thus educate participating parties on these vital topics. Each year the festival draws 500 films from 5 continents, and in attendance 400 professionals and hundreds of festival goers and children.