19 NOV 2020


As the end of the year approaches, Universal Cinergia looks to 2020 and reflects on a difficult and challenging period. With its most recent expansion in Mexico, the company now has a total of 49 recording suites around the world.


For the second consecutive year, Universal Cinergia Dubbing has renewed its TPN certification to validate its commitment to quality and excellence in the services it provides.

The company is determined to remain firm in its decision to continue providing its customers with the best possible quality and services. “Our operations team has worked tirelessly to keep projects on time, virtually connected with daily meetings and updates. At all of our locations around the world, the recording is done 50% remotely and 50% in the studio, with all recommended security measures and protocols, ” said Liliam Hernandez, CEO  at Universal Cinergia Dubbing.

The executive noted that many of the voice actors they work with have invested in home studio equipment, and efforts are made daily to improve quality and make the process as seamless as possible. "It does not mean that we do not meet challenges along the way, but we face them with a positive attitude, always with a focus on our customers."

Now, the new circumstances have led the company to sharpen its creativity and bring its commercial dissemination closer in different ways. "Our Sales team is in constant contact with clients and prospects, with weekly virtual meetings, sending proposals daily. New projects keep coming in and we have even acquired new clients that need localization projects," he added.

With the renewal of the TPN certification, you are validating your commitment to quality and excellence in services. "As it stands, remote recording reinforces the need for greater content security and our processes are transparent and efficient. Our company's number one priority is preserving the health of our employees, actors, freelancers, and everyone involved in content localization process. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, we will continue working under the same guidelines, giving each and every project the attention they deserve. Teamwork, perseverance and determination are the pillars of the culture of our company, and we are proud of the work we do," Hernandez concluded.

With its most recent expansion in Mexico, Universal Cinergia Dubbing owns a total of 49 recording suites around the world, increasing its already production capacity and maintaining its place as one of the leading dubbing companies in the industry.