The new studies in Mexico City, the remodeling of the facilities in São Paulo and the validated TPN certification form the basis of the expansion of its client portfolio.

15 JAN 2020

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Universal Cinergia's opening of new studios in Mexico City has contributed to increased production capacity in LAS (Latin American Spanish), and the remodeling of the new studios in São Paulo for 5.1 mix has increased production capacity in BPO (Brazilian Portuguese).

Another high point of 2019 was the completion of the TPN Certification. TPN (Trusted Partner Network) is a joint venture between two major entertainment industry associations (MPAA – Motion Picture Association and CDSA – Content Delivery & Security Association), the worldwide leaders in third-party entertainment industry assessments. The certification TPN validates the company’s commitment to content security throughout the localization process, from receipt of material until final delivery to clients.

The company portfolio continues to expand, with new clients from different regions (Europe, Asia, Africa). The executives and sales team will be attending all of the major global content markets of the year, always working hand in hand with the clients. CEO Liliam Hernandez says: “We attribute the company`s accomplishments to the continuous sales efforts, our clients’ loyalty, competitive prices, the constant prospecting of new clients and the impeccable customer service we offer. In addition to quality and efficiency, we are recognized for our personalized customer service.”

As usual, during the week of Natpe the company will host tours of the studios, as part of the personalized customer service offered. During the tours clients can see actual recordings being done, and meet the Operations team.