Warnermedia EMEA commissions Serious Kids' "Spookies"

The preschool title will be broadcast on Cartoonito channel and will also be streamed on HBO Max in EMEA.

19 NOV 2021


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WarnerMedia has acquired the broadcast rights for German-produced preschool show "Spookies" (78x7) distributed by Serious Kids. The series will be broadcast on WarnerMedia’s Cartoonito channel and will also be streamed on HBO Max in EMEA.  Genevieve Dexter, CEO of Serious Kids, said:“We are delighted to cement this deal and look forward to agreeing another.”

"Spookies" is a CGI animated series produced by Wolkenlenker and is due to be delivered in 2023/24. The show tells the story of three special little spooks, Lily, Bob, and Freddy who live in Castle Ravenrock where there is something new to discover around every cobwebbed corner and up every dusty stairwell.In Ravenrock, no door stays locked, no secret stays under lock and key and no opportunity for adventure is wasted. The series concept was created by Daniel Acht and the Head Writer is Jen Upton.

Zia Bales, Lead Acquisitions, Partnerships and Coproductions Kids & Family, WarnerMedia EMEA, says: “Spookies´´ immediately stood out as a perfect fit for Cartoonito and for HBO Max EMEA. We are excited to partner with Wolkenlenker to bring this delightful show to preschool audiences.”

Sebastian Wehner, Wolkenlenker, added: “Childhood today can be anxiety inducing. Our three little ghosts are showing kids, with a lot of humour and understanding, that you can overcome almost everything life throws at you.”