The VP Sales & Business Development at Fred Media explained the bussines model used by the Australian company to produce, co-produce and distribute a catalog, both locally and internationally.


Fred Media is an Australian production and distribution company well-known for its animals and vet programming. “We have 60 original productions in total and we have 14 shows in production at the moment, is the busiest production year ever,” said Warren Sevel, VP Sales & Business Development to Señal News.

The current offer of Fred Media includes the Tastemade’s long form content. Tastedmade is one of the biggest food producers, social media apps, and now, a TV channel. “Fred is the exclusive distributor of Tastemade long form content and it’s really exciting for the world,” opined Sevel.

Also, the production and distribution company highlights four big new shows, “Paramedics”, “Mega Zoo”, “Emergency” and “Harbour Force”.  “They are really big budget shows that are doing really well, they’re all gonna be in Australian broadcasters and now we are selling them all around the world,” Sevel asserted.

“Emergency” (10x60’) is like an ER talk-show that lifts the curtain on one of the busiest hospital emergency departments in Australia. “Paramedics” (10x60’) goes on the frontline with Australia’s ambulance crews in a race against time to save lives. “It is a big genre at the momento, the paramedics shows are huge on Sky in UK, Channel Nine in Australia in CBC and Doc Channel in Candada”, said Sevel.

“Mega Zoo” (10x60’) offers extraordinary behind-the-scenes access to Zoos Victoria, the southern hemisphere’s largest and oldest zoo, with over 5000 animals and 700 staff, spread across three campuses of incredible and diverse landscape. “It’s gonna be a really big show and zoo shows are very popular,” affirmed the executive.

On the other hand, the police show “Harbour Force” it is set in the famous Sydney Harbour, the Bridge, and the Opera House. “I think it’s gonna be curious for the world to see what happens in Sydney. And Australia is so far away, people want to know how Australia looks like, this should be a really good show for people to learn more about the country,” Sevel asserted.

Fred Media produces and distribute its own shows. “We are able to retain our rights, we are the owner of all our shows and have all our IPs, we develop all the shows,” explained the VP Sales & Business Development of Fred Media. “The key for us is to own all so we can sell it all around the world but also we can finance the shows with Australia as well, so we can do coproductions, there are tax credits that we take advantage from in Australia, so we have a unique way to produce a show with a more efficient budget, and then we will sell it a lot fast than other companies,” Sevel affirmed.

Currently, Fred Media is very strong  in the US and in the English speaking countries in general. “We have a presence in Australia, Canada, the UK, Eastern Europe, and the US, they are big. We are gonna be coming out with a lot of big unscripted factual shows that we are going to look to pre-sale to broadcasts partners”, said Sevel.

The company wants to grow in Latin America and Asia. “Asia does really well for us in travel and food particularly. we are trying to create shows and bringing great quality shows on that all specifics territories”, explained. “We‘ve got some big brands, big shows, big formats to attack in UK, US, Australia, that are probably the goals with pre-sales”, added.

By Romina Rodríguez

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