Wasted Couture, handmade costumes with zero waste policy

Viola Warych, CEO, main designer and founder of the company describe the originality of their handmade products and the wish to continue working in international co-produccions.

23 MAY 2023

Wasted Couture team

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Wasted Couture was born in a small attic in Poland where a passioned artist trusted in her job and talent making costume and selling them in an online platform. Nowadays, Wasted Couture has 12 full time women employees and has attended MIPTV for the first time. "I've been starting from selling single products to customers in the whole world, and then I was found online by some producers and they contacted me and asked me if I would like to make some costumes for their productions, which it was super satisfying moment for me", commented Viola Warych, CEO, main designer and founder of the company.

Wasted Couture is specialized in post-apocalyptic costumes but they don't design just that. "Post-apocalyptic is our favourite genre, but we also make sci-fi and fantasy costumes, we make costumes for people who are working in the entertainment industry," explained Warych. One of Wasted Couture main works were the dozens of costumes they do for "Fear The Walking Dead". "They were so satisfied that when they produced another series, they contracted me for hundreds of costumes," she noted.

Wasted Couture costumes are not only original handmade products, but also the company use a recycles material to create them. "We are a different company because we are producing zero waste ideas," the CEO of the company appointed. "We want to be ecological, and we are trying to produce our costumes from the things that are being thrown," she explained. "In a post apocalyptic world the key is to find the way to use materials that have been remnants of the civilization and this is why it's so important for us. And the second thing is that we are producing everything by ourselves in Poland," she added.

Wasted Couture had a positive experience in MIPTV and they are thinking on continuing to attend trade markets in order to contact with more international producer and offer their costumes from Poland to the world.