17 APR 2024

USA: The NFL boosted the streaming consumption in the first quarter of the year

According to a survey by Ampere Analysis, Paramount+ was the platform to see the largest boost in active viewers, with a monthly growth of 22%.

17 APR 2024

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The streaming platforms that held rights to the NFL saw a significant boost to monthly active viewing in the first quarter 2024, far greater than platforms without NFL rights, as reported by Ampere Analysis. Paramount+, which had rights to the Super Bowl LVIII, saw the biggest boost, with its overall monthly viewer base growing 22% in the six months to February 2024. In its report, Ampere highlighted the importance of live sports to U.S. streaming platforms.

All U.S. streaming platforms that hold NFL rights saw average growth in monthly active viewers of 14% between Q3 2023 and Q1 2024, compared to 10% growth across SVoD platforms as a whole: In Q1 2024, 50% of U.S. Internet users claimed to have used Amazon Prime in the past month (+8%), 22% used Paramount+ (+22%) and 21% used Peacock (+18%).

This monthly active viewing increased even further among NFL fans: Amazon Prime rose to 59%, Paramount+ to 30%, and Peacock to 28%, highlighting how this cohort is driving engagement. Of all the streaming platforms with NFL rights, Paramount+ has seen the biggest growth in monthly active viewing, driven by Super Bowl LVIII on the 11th of February, which had the highest U.S. TV ratings since the 1969 moon landing.

The growth in viewership for platforms holding NFL rights shows how important tier 1 sports rights can be to streaming platforms, especially in an increasingly competitive streaming market. While most U.S. domestic rights have now been tied up, Q2 will likely see the awarding of the NBA rights, the last chance for U.S. platforms or streamers to get a seat at the table for a significant amount of time. As streaming platforms try to diversify revenue streams through advertising, live sports will play a bigger role in helping to guarantee large audiences, thereby pushing up advertising value.