22 FEB 2023

DW, Blu Radio, and BumBox launch new podcast against fear of failure

Through the life stories of people who took unusual paths to achieve their goals, the podcast aims to encourage Spanish-speaking youth to redefine success for themselves and follow their own path.

22 FEB 2023

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With the new Spanish-language podcast "Dime cómo lo lograste" ("Tell me how you made it"), DW and the Colombian broadcaster Blu Radio want to take the pressure off young people to succeed and show that unusual paths can also lead to success.

Uta Thofern, Director of Programs for Latin America, sees great potential in the topic: "The question 'How did you make it (despite failures)?' strikes a chord with a young generation looking for orientation for the future."

The host is the well-known Colombian presenter and influencer Diego Sáenz. Every month, he talks to a well-known Colombian personality about moments of failure or change in life for the podcast. With such personal insights into different life paths, the podcast wants to encourage young people to redefine success for themselves and go their own way.

"Dime cómo lo lograste" is a co-production of DW Latin America with Blu Radio, leading radio station in Colombia, and its new podcast platform BumBox. The podcast, realized with the support of DW's format development, is aimed at young people in Colombia between the ages of 16 and 25. It is produced as a video and audio podcast and recorded in the studios of Blu Radio in Bogotá.

Tato Cepeda, podcast coordinator BumBox of Caracol TV and Blu Radio: "Through interviews with potential listeners, we were able to identify their needs, which strongly influenced the development of this new podcast. We are very excited to have developed and produced the podcast in collaboration with DW and our new podcast platform, Bumbox."

The podcast will be available from January 25 on all major podcast providers, on the Colombian podcast platform BumBox and as a video version on YouTube, Facebook and dw.com. It will be released monthly. Ten half-hour episodes are planned for the first season.