2 JUN 2020


Telefónica also revealed that about 6 million televisions connect to Movistar + every month. In this way, the company is fulfilling its commitment to offer the best user experience accompanied by reliable, stable, and secure connectivity.


Telefónica is betting on the digitization of the home and according to the access data during the confinement derived from the Coronavirus, the number of devices that access Movistar+ has broken its the historical record in this period, reaching the figure of almost 10 million a month, which represents an increase of 15% compared to October 2019.

The television is the most used device to watch Movistar+, either through the decoder (more than 3.5 million) or the Smart TV application, which is accessed monthly by two million Smart TVs or HDMI devices.

In this sense, Movistar launched a novelty that will make access to the Movistar + application easier on Smart TVs within the customer's home. If until now it was necessary to activate the Movistar + service on the device and enter the keys, now Movistar customers can directly access the application without having to activate the service or enter the access codes, but at all times maintaining maximum security of data and use.

With this improvement, Movistar+ can be accessed from any SmartTV or HDMI compatible with the application, facilitating consumption on different devices simultaneously within the home.

“Telefónica has a clear objective, to make technology accessible, and to improve people's lives. Meeting this objective, now to be able to use a SmartTV or HDMI personal device compatible with the Movistar + application from the user's home, it is no longer necessary to register or enter the credentials on the screen with the remote control, something always tedious, it is enough to have the SmartTV or the HDMI personal device connected to the Wi-Fi signal or to the Telefónica router at home, and that's it," said Fernando Enrile, Director of Strategy and Development at Movistar+.

Other novelties that seek this digitization within the Movistar+ platform are the availability in Chromecast for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices or the next addition, this summer, of Apple TV to the device ecosystem.

With all these improvements in the television platform, Telefónica fulfills its commitment to offer the best user experience accompanied by reliable, stable, and secure connectivity, as demonstrated in times of increased voice and data traffic during the months of confinement.