31 AUG 2022

ViX+ to produce the second season of "La Mujer Del Diablo" series

Contributing to ViX+'s slate of thousands of content hours, the title will feature Carolina Miranda, José Ron, Adriana Louvier, and Azul Guaita, among others as its original cast.


ViX+ recently confirmed the return of "La Mujer Del Diablo" for a second season. Set in the town of Villa Clara,  "La Mujer Del Diablo" will feature an original cast, including Carolina Miranda, José Ron, Adriana Louvier, Azul Guaita, Alejandro Calva, Mónica Dionne, Ianis Guerrero, Marco Tostado, Rodolfo Arias and Samadhi Zendejas. The creatives will act out scenes of drama, obsession, vengeance, and survival.

In addition to both seasons of the title, Vix+ offers subscribers more than 10,000 hours of premium content, including more than 70 Originals series and movies set to debut in its first year. The service is available in the U.S., Mexico, and most Spanish-speaking Latin America by subscription on compatible devices.

In "la Mujer Del Diablo," Natalia (Carolina Miranda) will face during the second season of "La Mujer Del Diablo," as she learns to live with Cristo (José Ron): her kidnapper, the man who separated her from her destiny, but also the man she begins to love and desire irrepressibly. However, they will inevitably doubt each other's intentions as they live in a world full of secrets and deceit.