ATF 2022: Globo takes a diversified content portfolio

For the forum, which marks the return of the Brazilian company to face-to-face events in the Asian continent, it will come hand in hand with its "It's a match" campaign, which reflects its business strategy.


Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo.


Globo will take its diversified portfolio to the Asia TV Forum Market (ATF), an event in Singapore focused on the Asian audiovisual market. For the forum, which marks Globo’s return to on-site events in Asia, the company will arrive with the campaign “It’s a match,” which shows how Globo’s extensive portfolio meets different business strategies.

“Even with the physical distance and cultural differences, we have agreements and partnerships that show the strength of our portfolio and the ability it has to connect with all types of audiences. Our products have universal plots, which are able to cross borders”, said Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo.

Among the highlighted products are the telenovelas “A Trick of Fate” and “Pantanal,” which in its exhibition in Brazil was audience leader*, and won the Produ Awards as a best telenovela, and the Globoplay Originals productions “Hidden Truths 2” and “All The Flowers.” The Asian market has great potential for new and important strategic partnerships. Globo is present in the region through an agreement with NHK Enterprises Inc. (NEP), Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK's affiliate company, for the distribution of “God Save the King”, a medieval telenovela with Romulo Estrela (“A Life Worth Living” and “Hidden Truths 2”), Bruna Marquezine (“Brave Woman”) and Marina Ruy Barbosa (“Empire” and “Total Dreamer”) and “Brazil Avenue (Series Version)”, an adaptation of Globo’s best-selling telenovela in the international market, licensed in over 140 countries.