11 FEB 2020


From February 10 to 12 at Liverpool’s ACC Convention Center, the British group is celebrating its traditional annual television content event, the only one of its kind organized by a single distribution company.


BBC Studios is celebrating its traditional Showcase, an annual television content event, the only one of its kind organized by a single distribution company. Now in its 44th year, the convention had its first day on Monday, February 10, and will last until Wednesday 12, in a city of Liverpool that, like much of the United Kingdom and Europe, is being affected by a devastating storm.

This three-day event is being held at the ACC Convention Center and is receiving some of the most prominent TV buyers, as well as executives, producers, financiers and on-screen talent from the United Kingdom. The Showcase is dedicated to the programs and talents that BBC Studios represents around the globe.

Buyers are collectively screening more than 4000 hours of content during the convention on the hundreds of digi-booths available. These are rooms full of monitors where those interested can watch and interact with the titles of the BBC catalog. In addition, there are co-production forums and specially curated events with major talents covering genres such as drama, natural history, comedy, science, history, documentaries, music and factual entertainment.

In terms of drama, this year BBC has three very strong titles: "The Watch," "We Hunt Together" and "The North Water". Meanwhile, the popular and long-running science fiction drama "Doctor Who," now with the charismatic actress Jodie Whittaker in the lead role, is consolidated as one of the highlights of the BBC Studios catalog.

In detail, "The Watch" is set in a fictional city where crime has been legalized and the police officers are the ones who are being marginalized, desperately seeking to re-establish order in a completely anarchic metropolis. In "We Hunt Together," two people with opposite views about murderers' behaviors seek to catch killers in a classic "cat and mouse" story. Finally, "The North Water" is a thriller set and filmed in the Artic, which in addition to amazing landscapes, offers an attractive story of survival.

Now in its 28th season, the “Top Gear” car format is stronger than ever, thanks to the charisma and chemistry of its new hosts, Paddy McGuiness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris, who joined in season 27 and completely engaged the audience, raising the rating numbers considerably.

On the other hand, "Us" is presented as the great highlight in the comedy genre, although its twists also bring a certain amount of drama. The show tells the story of a family man who, prior to a great trip to Europe, finds out that his wife wants to end the marriage. Even so, they decide to travel together in a desperate attempt to rebuild not only their relationship as a couple, but that of the whole family.

Apart from that, BBC Studios presented at the Showcase several productions of animals and nature, a genre in which the quality of their titles earned the British company international recognition. In this segment, "Animal Impossible" and "Spy in the Wild" stand out in the offer. The first follows two adventurers who seek to reveal myths and answer questions about nature, while the second is an innovative format in which robots designed in the image and likeness of animals infiltrate the natural habitat of different species, obtaining unprecedented shots and recording unbelievable moments and behaviors of the animal kingdom.

Both Monday and Tuesday, the two strongest days of the event, the daily agenda closed with thematic dinners, in a venue specially designed for both occasions. On Tuesday night, the massive celebration culminated with a live show by award-winning artist Mark Ronson.

By Federico Marzullo, from Liverpool