The TV event announces a special programme to show professional, business and entrepreneurial networking within the region composed of New Aquitaine, Basque Country and Navarre.


Conecta Fiction


The organizers of Conecta FICTION and the NAEN Euroregion composed of Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France), the Basque Country and Navarre, have reached an agreement to promote the audiovisual industry in this area through a programme of activities that will take place during the two stages of Conecta FICTION 2021, from 28th to 30th June in online format, and from 13th to 17th September in hybrid format at the Baluarte venue in Pamplona (Navarre, Spain).

The aim of this initiative is to promote professional, business and entrepreneurial networking within the Euroregion, highlighting the audiovisual projects created within it, as well as showcasing the various initiatives to support production and co-production offered by each of the 3 NAEN Euroregion territories with the aim of attracting new partners, new projects and also to generate synergies with other areas of similar status within Europe.


The organization of Conecta FICTION and NAEN Euroregion are calling for the first Pitch Euroregion NAEN Series for series, mini-series and docu-fiction projects. The call is aimed at companies from the NAEN Euroregion looking for co-production partners outside the Euroregion, as well as national and international producers, whose projects must involve production companies, talent, artistic and technical crews, television channels and other players in the audiovisual sector based in the NAEN Euroregion. The call will be open from May 31st until July 5th.

A Euro regional Editorial Committee has been set up to evaluate the participating projects. Its members include representatives of the audiovisual industry of the Basque Country, Navarre and Nouvelle-Aquitaine as well as the television channels France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Basque audiovisual group EITB.

The committee will be responsible for evaluating and selecting a maximum of 6 projects, and a minimum of 3, for presentation during the on-site edition of Conecta FICTION in September. The projects selected in the first edition of the Pitch Euroregion NAEN Series will be eligible for various prizes consisting of the signing of project development contracts such as the France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Award worth €10,000, the EITB Award also worth €10,000 and, lastly, the NAEN Euroregion Award worth €6,000, which will also be for the development of the project. In addition, the Acorde Music Library Award will give access to the winners to its music library worth €1,500; and the Navarra Television Award, which will consist of the filming of a promotional clip and extensive coverage of the winning project on Navarra Television programmes.  


During the two stages of Conecta FICTION 2021, a special programme will be developed. In June, a virtual round table dedicated to the Euroregions will be broadcasted by streaming with the participation of regional television channels and industry representatives from different European regions. In September, the Euroregion NAEN Showcase will be held in Pamplona, both in person and online, where the Co-production Guide prepared by the three regions will be presented, to discuss the characteristics and advantages of producing in the NAEN Euroregion and review several case studies of successful Euro regional projects carried out in recent years.