The fifth edition of Conecta FICTION will once again have two moments in time: online on June 28-30, and both on-site and online on September 13-17, 2021 in Baluarte, Pamplona-Iruña, Navarra, Spain.


Conecta FICTION ‘s organization, aware of the great current difficulties and the impossibility of predicting the evolution of the pandemic over the coming months, has decided to repeat the celebration of the co-production event in 2 moments in time that will take place in June (28-30) and September (13-17), 2021. This format provides the event with the flexibility demanded by current times, respecting as much as possible the security protocols of the companies and the frequent changes in regulations that are constantly occurring in all countries. Conecta FICTION celebrates its fifth anniversary consolidated as the epicenter of fiction series production between the continents of Europe and America.

The fifth edition of Conecta FICTION once again has the backing of the Government of Navarra and the support of the SGAE Foundation. The on-site part will be held, for the third consecutive year, at The Congress Center and Auditorium of Navarra, also known as Baluarte in Pamplona-Iruña, (Navarra, Spain).

Géraldine Gonard, Conecta FICTION‘s director, motivates the decision to repeat format and dates of celebration by making the options and conditions of participation as flexible as possible: "Nothing can replace the feeling of meeting friends, family and business partners in person. This is perhaps the biggest renunciation we have been facing for months now and the current situation may continue for some time yet. With this scenario it is difficult for everyone to make agendas and travel plans, whether personal or professional, and that is why we will celebrate our fifth anniversary in a very special way, opening Conecta FICTION to all professionals who want to join us, providing the event with maximum flexibility for those who cannot come to Spain and customizing our services to the maximum during the on-site event, which will be especially practical so that those who can come to Pamplona feel that they have made the most of their time during their stay at Conecta”.

Strengthening ties with other international events

Throughout the coming weeks and months Conecta FICTION will actively participate in networking and promotional actions with active presence in other international and especially European events. "Collaboration with other international events is a priority for us; we do not see them as competition but as an opportunity to offer added value to our community. We have an excellent relationship with other event organizers, and we are working hard to expand the possibilities for interaction between professionals. Our priority is to broaden and improve the profile of the participants by enhancing the idea of cultural connection between continents." For the fifth edition of Conecta FICTION the generation of links between events has very specific objectives "Especially in this edition we want to encourage the participation of emerging talent, as it will be seen in the calls that we will open shortly, but also present new financing and screen options for content," commented Gonard.

On January 27th Conecta FICTION will participate in MIDPOINT Cold Open in collaboration with When East Meets West during a session specially designed to showcase industry events and guide independent film producers who are in the process of developing television content. In addition to Conecta FICTION, other important European events such as Series Mania (Lille, France), Content London, Berlinale Series Market and the Rome MIA Market will be also present to the session.

On February 4, Géraldine Gonard will moderate ‘The Global Success of Spanish Drama’ a panel and subsequent debate dedicated to Spain, which will be broadcasted as relevant content at TV DRAMA VISION, the Nordic TV meeting held at the Göteborg Film Festival (Sweden). Joining her on stage are Domingo Corral, Director of Originals at Movistar+ and Javier Mendez, Chief Creative Officer at The Mediapro Studio.

The fifth edition of Conecta FICTION is supported by the Government of Navarra through NICDO (Navarra’s Infrastructure Culture, Sports and Leisure) and SODENA (Navarra’s business development entity) and the SGAE Foundation, with the collaboration of CLAVNA (Navarra Audiovisual Cluster) and NAPAR (Navarra Association of Producers and Audiovisual Professionals). Inside Content is in charge of the design and production of the event.