EFM 2024: Filmsharks features a strong presence with acquisitions and sales

Guido Rud's company picked up global sales for "People's Cup" and "The Bus of Life" and sold "Nine Queens", "The Forgotten Killings" and "Lobo Feroz".

19 FEB 2024


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Filmsharks is attending the European Film Market (Berlinale) where has acquired global sales of "Muchachos" ("People's Cup"), one of the biggest Box Office Hit's across Latin America and the #1 local language hit in cinemas of 2024 that hit the 1,2M tickets mark with Disney's STAR Distribution.

"Muchachos" means boys and It comes from the famous song ARG Fans sung in the World Cup. The unusual thing is that this feature film it's a Theatrical Documentary about Argentina's World Cup championship though the eyes of the World People. The film was produced by Pablo E. Bossi (“Nine Queens”) and starring The Argentina National Team Delegation (World Cup 2022 Winners); narrated by Guillermo Francella ("The Secret in their Eyes").

A Deal for "People's Cup" for Bangladesh and The Indian subcontinent is already in the works and offers from the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germamy, Japan, China, Middle East are in talks. Guido Rud, Filmsharks CEO says: "This theatrical documentary makes audiences laugh and cry no matter where you from, and watching Messi coronation and with the UEFA Euro 2024; Copa America USA 2024 and Paris Olimpic Games 2024 make buyers around the to chase this for theatrical and digital release" .

Filmsharks has also taken global sales outside of Spain’s of new inspirational dramatic comedy titled "The Bus Of Life" (95') from Arcadia. Rud commented: “These are the kind of quality cinematic tear jerker and life affirming that translate to global markets and buyer’s have appetite for, also touches sweet spot for remake deals in key territories such as the USA, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Mexico among others”.

A music teacher is diagnosed with cancer and must seek treatment atthe hospital in the city. To do so, he will get a ride in a very peculiar transportation with inspirational routes, known as "The Bus of Life”. Thanks to this experience and new friends, he discovers a refreshing and joyful way of living. Starring Dani Rovira ("Ocho Apellidos Vascos"), Susana Abaitua ("Compulsion"), and Elena Irureta ("Patria").

Filmsharks has got new sales of "Nine Queens" (115') remastered in 4K thriller. Disney's STAR Distribution (Formerly Buena Vista International) shall re released in cinemas across Latin America on FEB 22. Sony Pictures Classics control all North American Rights. Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Korea are in talks. Guido Rud explained: "Recent results with classics and arthouse gems made clear that there is a huge appetite for this world known gems like 'Nine Queens' as mature cinema goers are truly needing this kind of quality cinema."

FilmSharks has also closed major key territory deals for its own produced "Lobo Feroz" directed by Gustavo Hernandez (Remake of “Big Bad Wolves”), and for Inés Paris new film "The Forgotten Killings" ("Olvido")

"Lobo Feroz" (105') is a crime-thriller/black comedy film by Gustavo Hernandez ("La Casa Muda") and was recently sold all rights to the UK for Bingo Films. Before it was sold to Taiwan Av Jet, Australia Palace Films; Amc East Euro, Russia Nashe Kino; Netflix Spain; Vix+ Latam y USA. Korea; Japan, France and Germany are under discussion.

"Olvido" was sold all rights to France for Family Films, Russia and CIS to Exponenta; and USA for Somos. Rud added: "We are very happy with Lobo Feroz ’s int’l performance, IP and film have proven to be INOX and deals always bring more deals. Original Israeli film 'Big Bad WolveS' has been getting remake buyers interested after the successful case of 'Lobo Feroz'.