LA Screenings 2024: Globo to launch "Justice: Misconduct" series

The script is written by Manuela Dias and the artistic direction is by Gustavo Fernández, known for their work on "Pantanal" and "Renacer". The series consists of 28 episodes exploring four life stories intertwined in various crimes.

19 APR 2024

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In the upcoming edition of the LA Screenings Independents in California, Globo highlights the release of "Justice: Misconduct" with a script by Manuela Dias and artistic direction by Gustavo Fernández. The series follows the same structure and format as "Justiça: Life Is Not Fair," which received nominations for the International Emmy Awards (for Best Actress with Adriana Esteves and Best Drama Series), but with new characters.

In its 28 episodes, "Justice: Misconduct" follows four characters who end up imprisoned and, seven years later, are released from prison to resume their lives in search of a justice that goes beyond logic and legal processes. A deliveryman, Balthazar (Juan Paiva, from "Vidas ajenas" and "Renacer"), was accused of crimes he did not commit; the owner of a supermarket, Jayme (Murilo Benício, from "Pantanal"), sexually abused his niece; Geisa (Belice Pombal) murdered the local drug dealer in a fight to defend her daughter, and Milena (Nanda Costa, from "Corazón de Madre"), after stealing a car, was accused of homicide.

There are some elements that link the two Justice plots, such as the main theme - Hallelujah, a version by Rufus Wainwright of Leonard Cohen's song - and the character of Kellen, played by Leandra Leal. The cast also includes names like Paolla Oliveira ("Querer sin límites"), Marco Ricca ("Huérfanos de su tierra"), Danton Mello ("Vidas ajenas"), and Alice Wegmann ("Rensga Hits!").

Regiane Marcilio, Content Distribution & Partnerships at Globo, placed the series in the context of other major production: "It is impossible to talk about 'Justice: Misconduct' without mentioning the brilliant production that contributed not only to the creation and development of these four new stories about the protagonists of the series but also to other successful works worldwide, such as 'Pantanal' and 'Avenida Brasil.' The themes addressed, masterfully interpreted by the cast, and that unique Brazilian touch make 'Justice: Misconduct' have enormous potential for the international market," she elaborated.

Meanwhile, Manuela Dias outlined the main axes of the story: "It is not a miniseries about laws, but about the possibility of justice existing. The very idea of justice is a civilizing tool that allows life in society. We have been educated to believe that we will be rewarded if we do the right thing and punished if we do something wrong, but life proves that this is only a theoretical limitation. In this context, the plot of the series is an investigation of what remains in a person's life after justice takes its part," she explained.