LA Screenings 2024: Globo to present new business models

Works like "Renacer" and "Justice: Misconduct", along with the range of scripted and unscripted formats, are the highlights of the company's participation in the international event

3 MAY 2024

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In its outing in the LA Screenings Independents, an international event to be held in May in California, the Brazilian company Globo will unveil the launch of two new works, in addition to offering scripted and unscripted formats for the international market.

One of these novelties will be the release of the telenovela currently airing in prime time in Brazil: "Rebirth". Benedito Ruy Barbosa's work, who made history in Brazilian dramaturgy in 1993, remains a classic, with its mysteries, dramas, loves, revenges, and legends, just like the recent success "Pantanal", also by the same author, which has already been licensed to 130 territories. His grandson, Bruno Luperi, also signs this re-reading of another work by Benedito, featuring artistic direction by Gustavo Fernández.

The cast of the telenovela includes big names from Brazilian television, such as Humberto Carrão ('"All Flowers"), Marcos Palmeira ("‘Pantanal"), and Duda Santos ("The Path"), as well as Antonio Calloni ("A trick of fate"), Vladimir Brichta ("A mother´s love"), Juliana Paes ("Pantanal"), Irandhir Santos ("Pantanal"), Enrique Diaz ("A mother´s love"), and Sophie Charlotte ("All Flowers"), among others.

Globo will also bring to the international market "Justice: Misconduct," a script by Manuela Dias with artistic direction by Gustavo Fernández, from Pantanal and Renacer. In its 28 episodes, the series follows four characters who end up arrested and, seven years later, leave prison to resume their lives in search of a justice that goes beyond logic and judicial processes. The first work of the anthology series "Justicia: Life is not Fair," premiered in 2016, was nominated for the International Emmy for Best Actress with Adriana Esteves and for Best Dramatic Series.

Another novelty will be the offering of the now-called unscripted formats, as various variety and reality programs that were part of Globo's programming will be available for sale in the market. Among the initial offerings are "Family Size" and "PopStar." In "Family Size," several celebrities and their families face off in fun games that reveal memories from the past, details, and curiosities unknown to the public. Meanwhile, 'PopStar' is a musical reality where professionals from various fields of the showbiz have the opportunity to fulfill the dream of competing to become the next star.

Furthermore, the company will continue to invest in the scripted format sales business model, with the best example being the agreement with the production company Ay Yapım, to adapt the telenovela "Brazil Avenue." The highlighted products during the LA Screenings Independents will be the telenovelas "The favourite" and "The Clone," as well as other more recent titles such as "All the Flowers," "The Other Side of Paradise," and "Total dreamer"; winner of the International Emmy in 2016 for Best Telenovela, "Hidden Truths"; and "Justice: life is not fair". 

Other special features at the event are the launch of content portfolio for AVOD platforms with telenovelas and series for various audiences, and also the relaunch of past hits with the Classics & Big Hits project, which will highlight the event's great timeless Brazilian works such as  "India - A Love Story", "Precious Pearl", "Anything for Love" and "Brave Woman",

Gabriel Bonelli, Head of International Sales, shared his expectations for LA Screenings: "We are very excited to participate in another LA Screenings Independents, and we believe that what we have brought this year will surely enhance our international offer. We hope that viewers outside of Brazil can appreciate each work as much as Brazilians do. We believe that Brazil has a strong history in terms of television entertainment, and that's precisely why the presence of these formats at the event is of great importance to us. We will have the opportunity to be very close to our partners to discuss the subject and show them what we can offer in this model," he explained.