Tubi’s Chief Content Officer Adam Lewinson and TV Azteca’s Chief Digital Officer Emilio Aliaga talked about the surge in AVOD consumption behaviors in Mexico following Tubi’s launch through its partnership with TV Azteca earlier this year.


Tubi’s Chief Content Officer Adam Lewinson and TV Azteca’s Chief Digital Officer Emilio Aliaga talked about the increasing AVOD consumption trend in Mexico following Tubi’s launch in Mexico during the summer of this year. Through its partnership with TV Azteca, the service saw an increase multiplied by nine from its previous figures. 

Tubi was seeking a partnership that will allow an expansion into Latin America to better serve Spanish-speaking viewers. The service, also established in the US, Canada, and Australia, was brought to Mexico after Lewinson and Aliaga spoke about a potential partnership following Tubi’s significant growth of its American audience. With plans to launch after Q2, the content was garnered the platform was transformed and content was garnered for the launch. The companies executed a self-launch in the region on 18th June, followed by a series of advertising and promotion campaigns, as well as show integrations in early July. “Regardless of Covid, we were able to get everything done, make a huge announcement and go out in time,” Aliaga said.

Tubi forms part of a cost-sensitive market, deemed convenient for viewers who are craving subscription-free access to diverse libraries of content, accelerating the AVOD trend. Since September, the free ad-supported platform has been named the top-viewed AVOD service in Mexico, with a viewability of 98%. 85-87% of individuals who downloaded the app after the launch continue to use the app, indicating its consistency. Its content offering is projected to keep growing with tv Azteca content and other local titles in the works with local major studios such as “Master Chef.” The platform has also accumulated various kid’s titles. 

Upon launching, the platform in the region was fully in Spanish, personalizing it for that particular region. Though launching strategies, the company intends to use the same approach upon launching in the next region. Upon viewing the performance of its library, the platform noted that its most-watched Mexican title is “La Casa Que Arde,” a film from the 70-80s era. Its selection of action movies has also performed well since the service became available in the country. 

In terms of advertising, the companies have exercised properly managed the ad load that is displayed with the content, as well as ad personalization to tailor ads to each consumer, making advertising less of an inconvenience for the viewer. Tubi recently launched Tubi En Espanol in the US for its Spanish-speaking viewers. The platform pledges to continue pushing out Latin American content, as well as kid’s, anime, and additional Hollywood titles.