Mipcom 2022: 3Boxmedia will release three new documentaries

“Bees. The Invisible Mechanism",“Children of the Stars” and “Hispania: Lands of Rabbits” are focus on science, travel, environmental issues, and nature.


“Bees. The Invisible Mechanism


The Spanish-German distributor 3Boxmedia Entertainment offers new documentaries in MIPCOM Cannes that focus on science, travel, environmental issues, and nature. "Bees. The Invisible Mechanism" (1x52mins/1x91 mins/4K UHD), explores how insects, and particularly the honeybee, are an integral part of nature’s mechanism, helping to create 75% of the fruit and vegetables human eat. "We share our planet with almost 9 million species but of all of them, insects are possibly the most important for the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems", says from 3Boxmedia.

The company also presents, for the first time, the new episodes of the successful series "Children of the Stars" (10x52’ 4K UHD - Cábala Producciones).Previous seasons have been broadcasted - among others - by Nat Geo United States, Curiosity, Science et Vie (France), UR (Sweden), Smithsonian Channel Latin America, and Señal Colombia. In this third season, Ricardo García, driven by his passion for the sky and the stars, travels to unique places in search of answers to his questions about the cosmos.

"Hispania: Land of Rabbits" (1x52mins HD) reflects the importance of the rabbit for the survival of the most emblematic predatory animals of the Iberian Peninsula. "Rookies. My First Days in Life" (1x49’4K UHD) shows the threats that newborn animals of different species are facing, but also the games and relationships they enjoy.

Among the new releases about social issues, 3Boxmedia presents "Gold or Money" (1x51’ HD) an extraordinary story about the unique and hard-working miners of Mali. 3Boxmedia also promotes new titles of the Swiss public broadcaster RTS for Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, such as "Investigating War Crimes in Ukraine"(1x52’ HD) or "The Dark Side of the Food Industry" (1x52’ HD).

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