Mipcom 2022: Beyond Rights to launch nearly 200 new unscripted hours

Leading the new slate is the documentary "Charles: The New King", alongside with three strong new history titles, "The Con", "Eyewitness WWII: Invasion Italy" and "Vikings: The True Story".

20 SEP 2022

"Charles: The New King"

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Beyond Rights reveals its new programme slate for MIPCOM, introducing a selection of unscripted content from a variety of different genres, as well as numerous returning seasons of popular programme brands. In total, the business is launching nearly 200 new unscripted hours into the international market this autumn.

Leading the new slate is "Charles: The New King", a two-hour documentary series from ITN Productions. This insightful and timely series explores those important and pivotal moments in his life that shaped him from royal infant to King. Iconic women feature in new CNN original series; "DIANA" (6x60) from October Films, re-examines the life and legacy of Princess Diana through a fresh lens of modernity, showing her to be a feminist role model, while "Reframed: Marilyn Monroe" (4x60) produced by Raw, reveals a complex woman who took on the power brokers in Hollywood and challenged the misogyny of 1950s America.

Also in documentaries, Beyond Rights is launching "Right Here, Right Now" (1x90), a feature-length film from Beyond TNC and BMG Films which captures the iconic, end of an era rave event in Brighton in 2002, where DJ Fatboy Slim made history performing to a quarter of a million people.

The slate features three strong new history titles. "The Con" (1x90 & 1x60) from White Pine Pictures, with Beetz Brother Film Productions & PMA Productions, tells a gripping and dramatic story from World War 2. "Eyewitness WWII: Invasion Italy" (2x60) from Lou Reda Productions examines the importance of the often-overlooked Italian Campaign, ahead of the 80th anniversary of its commencement in 2023, while "Vikings: The True Story" (2x60) from Like A Shot Entertainment, reveals new discoveries that challenge much of what people think they know about this great Nordic warrior race.

Engineering continues to be a key genre for Beyond Rights, with the launch of Like A Shot Entertainment’s "Abandoned Americana" (6x60) and October Films’ "Building the Impossible" (3x60). The former travels the US to explore the relic structures of everyday American institutions that have made the country what it is today, while the latter sees Rob Bell exploring some of the wonders of the engineering world.

"Drowning in Lies" (2x60) from Caravan is a dramatic, international true crime/true con story that unfolds layer by layer to tell the incredible case of Donald McPherson. Also from the crime genre is "Deadly Kin" (10x60) from Beyond Productions, featuring intriguing true crime stories of families gone wrong.

Beyond Rights is also debuting the first three series of "The Style Counsellors" (18x30), produced by Indiepics. This fabulous lifestyle series features fashion and beauty blogger Suzanne Jackson.

New wildlife titles are "Wild Heroes" (9x30) from Magnetic Pictures, following the cutting-edge conservation work undertaken at New Zealand’s Auckland Zoo, and "Animals Aboard" (8x60), a feel-good series from Beyond Action exploring fascinating stories of animals in transit around the globe.

Beyond Right’s latest slate also features a number of new seasons for long-running, popular returning series including: "Massive Engineering Mistakes S5" (10x60), "The Secret Life of Lighthouses S3" (3x60), "Highway Thru Hell S11" (18x60), "Love It Or List It: Brilliant Builds S2" (8x60), "Haunted Hospitals S4" (10x60), "On the Road S2" (6x60), "Guild Garage S6" (12x30), "Pati’s Mexican Table S11" (10x30), "Aussie Snake Wranglers S3" (8x30), "Monkey Life S15" (20x30), and "Sex Unlimited S2" (5x60).

Sarah Bickley, Beyond Rights’ head of sales says: “MIPCOM this year promises to be a fantastic event with the industry out in force, coming together properly for the first time since October 2019. It’s fitting therefore, that we are bringing such a strong and varied new slate, one that not only plays to current events, major anniversaries and in-demand topics but also includes content from the very latest‘must-have’ genre, true-con. In addition to the new titles, we are pleased to have so many returning series again as this helps those buyers looking for vital volume.These returners speak to our excellent, long-standing relationships with many leading producers from around the world, but we are also delighted to welcome new partnerships with Indiepics, White Pine Pictures, Caravan, Lou Reda Productions and Magnetic Pictures.”

We are bringing such a strong and varied new slate, one that not only plays to current events, major anniversaries and in-demand topics but also includes content from the very latest‘must-have’ genre, true-con” Sarah Bickley Beyond Rights’ head of sales