Mipcom 2022: "The Fashion Hero" reality series returns with AJ McLean as host

The former Backstreet Boys will be launching the reality competition program produced by Rapid Blue during the market in Cannes.


AJ McLean (credits:Justin Segura)


Beauty World Search, the production company behind TV series and global online community "The Fashion Hero", reveals AJ McLean member of Backstreet Boys will host the new series entitled "The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful". The 10 x 45’ reality competition series, produced by South African production company Rapid Blue ("X-Factor", "Dancing With the Stars", "The Bachelor") was shot at the Sun City Resort.

AJ McLean will launch "The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful" at MIPCOM in Cannes on October 16th. "When I got to talk to the show’s creator, Caroline, and I learned what the show’s kind of heart was and what the epicenter was of this show, I immediately said…yes, sign me up, put me on a plane - let’s go! I think this show is going to change people’s lives, not only the people that are on the show as well but the people that are watching the show. I think there is something for everyone that is very relatable with this show, there is no other show like this and I am honored to be the official host of ‘The Fashion Hero’ and hopefully the host for seasons to come," he said.

Created to challenge the fashion industry’s preconceived standards of beauty, the original season of "The Fashion Hero" aired in over 160 territories worldwide with broadcast partners including Discovery LATAM, Nine Now in Australia, and RTL II in Hungary. The show was also available via digital platforms including Amazon Prime Video and Tubi TV, helping to stimulate a passionate global fan community with nearly one million fans on Facebook and driving over 35 million visitors to the webpage.

“We’re beyond excited to announce AJ McLean as our host for 'The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful’. As a member of Backstreet Boys, one of the most successful groups in music, AJ knows about the pressures and unrealistic portrayal of beauty in pop music. His experience and charm make him the perfect host for the new series and we can't wait to launch the show in Cannes at MIPCOM’" said Caroline Bernier, President of Beauty World Search and Executive Producer of ‘The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful'.

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