In the Wisdom in China four edition, the Asian giant presents original Chinese TV formats online to platforms and organizations all around the world.


During the MIPTV event, the fourth "Wisdom in China" edition continues to give full play to its advantages, recommending original Chinese TV formats online to platforms and organizations all around the world. In order to present how innovative Chinese format collection is, a total of 6 formats will be presented in detail, with trailers shown and stories told by the producers. The MIPTV audience will get to know the highlights, innovations and performances of these formats.

In 2020, these formats caused quite a buzz among the young generation. They are 'Singing with Legends', 'Shine! Super Brothers', and 'Wonder Agency' presented by Dragon TV; 'Rock & Roast' and 'Action!' presented by Tencent Video and 'Key to Heart' presented by Hunan TV.

'Singing with Legends' has successfully traveled overseas to two major EU countries, France and Germany, gaining wide attention. The continuous high ratings of the second season once again proved that the success of Singing with Legends and its innovative concept of intergenerational collision and blind selection could be replicated elsewhere. 'Wonder Agency' utilizes the most advanced technologies and focuses on how the business could survive or even prosper in the post-pandemic era. Content-making stereotypes are broken as entertainment, e-commerce and business development are combined in one single reality show. 'Shine! Super Brothers' invite 21 talented male artists from different fields to compete in singing and dancing, doing tricks that have never been shown before.

'Action!' is a simulation of the real marketplace where actors and actresses, famous or not, will have to start their acting career from scratch and earn a place solely based on their acting skills. 'Rock & Roast' is a stand-up comedy competition series. In each weekly episode, contestants need to perform stand-up routines. The clips of the show went viral on short video platforms and the show is much favored by online communities.

'Key to Heart' adopts the most advanced technology in the internet era to achieve better matchmaking. Unlike traditional dating shows, social platforms are utilized to define each other. Big data is playing a vital role in making the final decision.

Wisdom in China organized by iFORMATS has been a part of the MIPTV event for three consecutive years since 2018. In the past three years it has been presented a total of 20 original Chinese formats on the international stage of Cannes. Among them, 'The Readers', 'National Treasure' created by CCTV, 'The Sound', 'Super-Vocal' created by Hunan TV, and 'Singing with Legends' created by Dragon TV, have all signed format licensing deals with overseas format platform, which is a huge step forward in the course of China’s creative output.