The company will show dating, cooking, celebrity and entertainment/variety programs to global buyers in the virtual event that will take place from 12 to 16 April.


"Miracle Habits"


Media Ranch announces the launch of several new Formats this Spring in time for MIPTV that it will take place from 12 to 16 April. They include dating, cooking, celebrity and entertainment/variety programs. Sophie Ferron, President & Founder of Media Ranch stated, “Media Ranch is truly excited to launch our new catalogue featuring both proven and paper formats. We offer a variety of genres, including recently award-nominated 'Fish Bingo', a quirky fun interactive game show format from DR -a breakout hit in Denmark. Other new DR formats are 'Mom, He’s A Dane', 'Here’s Your Hit' and more. Additionally, we offer Horsepower creations and celebrity-driven formats. We have something to offer everyone and look forward to a very positive year ahead in formats and production.”

From the DR (Danish Broadcasting Corp) portfolio, Media Ranch is presenting recent International Format Award nominee, "Fish Bingo", a live interactive game format about Fishing where 90 fishermen/women, each wearing a number (1-90), go fish while the TV audiences plays Bingo using those numbers. (1X110’ Live/Interactive/Green/Local); "Here’s Your Hit" a music entertainment program exploring what makes a hit; and "Mom, He’s a Dane" – a factual program highlighting the many challenges that immigrant families face in a new country, especially when dating local, outside of their own community (race, religion, creed, class).

Another dating format is "Recipe for Love", a studio-based dating show with a cooking twist -- a recipe for fun for ages 50+ (age adaptable), showing it’s never too late for love; and Media Ranch’s own hot entertainment/variety game show, "Watch!" which pits two teams against each other in a game of memory, challenging them to recall details of the extravagant variety act they just witnessed.

Media Ranch also presents six celebrity-featuring game show and factual formats: "Surprise Sur prise" - This unique hidden camera series plays jokes on international celebrities; "Good Times", where two celebrities compete to guess which year it is by singing, cosplaying, dancing and answering questions; "Back to the 9th Grade", a 40+ year-old celebrity travels the country and into his past on a mission to surprise his classmates from Grade 9 with two important questions.

The another game shows are "What’s Your Problem?", a fascinating celebrity debate game show on what society finds offensive; "Things My Dad Failed to Teach Me", a celebrity host returns to his childhood home from the city, and is given a new skill to master. His Dad must teach him hunting, harvesting, construction, and even how to cook and "Miracle Habits", medical experts observe the daily routine of a celebrity, analyzing their habits, and give healthy lifestyle tips. 

We have something to offer everyone and look forward to a very positive year ahead in formats and production” Sophie Ferron President & Founder of Media Ranch