27 APR 2021


ScreenHistory and Screen Feel Good will be available for one month, in response to demand both from TV France members and also from buyers.


Sarah Hemar, Deputy Managing Director of UniFrance in charge of Audiovisual and Digital


On May 2, TV France International two new curated Screens, ScreenHistory and Screen Feel Good, in response to demand both from TV France members and also from global buyers. Both new curated offers will be available for one month and follow on from ScreenKIDS, ScreenFilms, ScreenArts, ScreenAnim, ScreenPlanet, ScreenSeries and Screen@Home.

From May 3 to June 3, ScreenHistory will explore history through a wealth of French documentary content. These titles bring a deep dive into archive footage or through animation, discover key figures that defined their age, and deepen your knowledge of the history of different countries. ScreenHistory is the offer for historical documentaries, a rich and varied genre in which France excels.

From May 17 to June 17, Screen Feel Good will present drama, series and animated specials, documentaries, shows, games, in summary, a multi-genre offer for some much needed wellbeing viewing to help audiences feel good alone, in the company of roommates, or surrounded by the family.

The Screen offer by TV France, a complement to existing markets, is open to all TV France members and targets buyers according to their interests. It is based on the creation of a virtual, ephemeral space (each lasts just one month) curated within Screenopsis, the world’s biggest database of French programs, created and run by TV France.