22 JUN 2020


French distributor presents "Genius Plants", "Climate Change: The Brain Paradox" and "Microorganisms: The Air we Breathe" (Les Films en Vrac), three new projects with a special focus on environmental issues.


"Genius Plants"(© Thierry Berrod)


Paris-based distributor and producer ZED is attending the connected edition of the Sunny Side of the Doc, and is launching three new science projects, with a special focus on environmental issues: "Genius Plants", "Climate Change: The Brain Paradox" and "Microorganisms: The Air we Breathe" (Les Films en Vrac).

"The audience is hungrier than ever for surprising and uplifting science, environment, and social change-themed stories that help us make sense of our new world and these three projects tackle those topics through innovative angles," says Chloé Persyn-Preljocaj, Head of Distribution at ZED.

"Genius Plants": From their spectacular machinery which allows them to catapult pollen, sweat tannin, and release flammable gasses, to their complex vascular system, this two-part film will reveal the inner workings of flowers and trees. A revolutionary and immersive experience from plants' perspective on survival, adaptation, and evolution – thanks to the leading edge of technology. This 2x52’ 4K by Thierry Berrod is produced by Mona Lisa Production for ARTE France, and will be delivered in Spring 2022.

"Climate Change: The Brain Paradox":  With a comprehensible approach, through eye-opening experiences and the latest advances in neuroscience, this investigation explores how our brain's biases prevent climate action, and how we might overcome them. Directed by Raphaël Hitier, and produced by Un Film à la patte for ARTE France, this 52’ 4K is slated for completion in Summer 2021.

"Microorganisms: The Air we Breathe":  With help of experts and using 3D visual effects, this 52’ 4K directed by Claire-Julie Parisot and produced by Les Films en Vrac for ARTE France, reveals the diversity and fragility of the air. Its delivery is scheduled for the End of 2020.