19 SEP 2023

APC Kids stands out new animated series “Isadora Moon” ahead MIPCOM

Lionel Marty, Managing Director & co-Founder APC Kids details the new titles of the French company and explains the efficient strategies in order to target kids and teenagers alike.


Lionel Marty


APC Kids, part of APC Studios, is standing out new promising IP's ahead to its participation in MIP Junior and MIPCOM. One of them is the new animated “Isadora Moon”, (52x11') adapted from Harriet Muncaster books. "They are very popular in the US, in the UK, in Europe, and we hope in the future also in Latin America," commented Lionel Marty, Managing Director & co-Founder APC Kids, to Señal News. "Isadora Moon" will follow along with the titular eight-year-old—who is part fairy and part vampire—as she attends a human school. "It's a very nice series for 4 to 7 and it's co-produced with Warner Bros. Discovery in the US and Sky Kids in the UK," he completed.

APC Kids is also promoting “Ewilan’s Quest”, a new series coming for next year. "It's a beautiful heroic fantasy series adapted also from a very popular collection of books and I think this style of heroic fantasy is unique for animation, but it's also very popular amongst tweens and teenagers," Marty asserted.

From the same creative team of “Kid-E Cats”, APC Kids is offering to global buyers “Sheep's Hotel (104x5'), a new preschool series about a family of sheep that is running a hotel where they're welcoming all kind of animal guests, from penguins to elephants to bats. "The message of the series is how to become friends within different groups, within different cultures, how to adapt to others. It's a message of tolerance that is very important nowadays", he affirmed. Marty also mentioned that the company is launching the second season of “Dinocity. "The famous series is doing very well for us, we sold the first season to many countries already", he said.

Current kids have so much content available in different platforms that it's difficult to compete and gain a loyal audience. Marty explained that APC Kids has launched “Ewilan’s Quest”, because this kind of topics, that have high stake in the stories, are the ones can actually compete with video games or movies. "You have to deliver very strong stories with those kinds of stakes and with those kinds of important drama, not only comedy, but also this type of series for kids today," he asserted. "It's important that the stories that we have in our animation or live action delivers not only a containing, but a message within the stories. And this is how we can compete with a social networks that won't deliver that kind of message," he added.

When IP's come to gain global famous, the 360 strategy around them come naturally. That happened to APC Kids with “Kid-E Cats”. "Kids want to play with the characters and create their own stories," Marty said. "But it's important to have very strong characters. That's how we believe in character-driven stories can engage the audience. Then the 360 strategy becomes very natural, because kids want to play with the app on their mobile phone, want to play with the figurines in their bedroom, so it's very important to be able to offer that to kids," he concluded.

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