13 APR 2022

GO-N Productions wants to expand in Asia with a new "Simon" season

Eric Garnet's company is ending the four season of the hit animated series that it was already sold in China and Korea to multiple players.

13 APR 2022

Eric Garnet, President of GO-N Productions

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Global kids audiences are waiting for the four season of "Simon", the hit animated series that will be completed this summer. "We have got several 'Simon Super Rabbit'' presales," said Eric Garnet, president of GO-N Productions to Señal News. The series was renewed for many broadcasters that have already aired the three first seasons of Simon, but also new broadcasters are coming.

The TV series follows Simon, an adorable little rabbit, who exudes all the vitality of childhood. He’s at an age when little rabbits (and indeed little children!) are starting to come into their own - challenging relationships with parents, embarking upon school life, learning about the world in general. The series achieve top audience ratings both on TV channels (over 150 countries) and digital platforms.

The three first seasons of Simon were recently sold to Chinese giant public channel CCTV and "the next step is to be on the platforms and regional stations and close deals with licensing and merchandising agents", commented Garnet.

GO-N is already present in the region, with programs broadcast on EBS (Korea), NHK (Japan), TVNZ (New Zealand), Disney (South East Asia, Japan and Korea) and Netflix. "2023 is the rabbit's year in Asia, so we are planning a lot of operations there", indicated the executive.

Garnet also anticipated that GO-N is working with Planeta in another show named "Shaker Monster", an adventure comedy in which eight-year-old Justin finds himself in possession of a magic shaker to bring to life a multitude of wacky monsters with incredible powers. "We are going to work together in the presales of the show", he said.

In the current dramatic circumstances children are living over the world, it's crucial they can access to feel-good content to escape from reality. "'Simon' is about dealing with the emotions and how you can overcome everyday challenges, and Simon season four is about imagination and how you can transform what you see in your everyday life into something different", Garnet mentioned. "We try to offer children no only entertainment, but also entertainment with substance. We try to find the right balance between entertain, substance and give them strengths and tools to deal with everyday life", he added.

By Romina Rodríguez